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Being successful isn't achieved by always following the rules, waking up at 4 a.m. and working yourself into the ground. It's about knowing instead of believing, doing instead of dreaming, and living without boundaries or constraints. You might not know it yet, but you can have and do anything.


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    There are two fundamental concepts that need to be embraced in order to reach that promised land of unparalleled success
    Yes, just two...
    1. The first is visualization. Now this doesn't mean day dreaming about speeding along in a Bugatti Veyron. It means being in that car of your dreams - the smell of the soft leather, the screech of the tires on the road, that feeling of elation. Energy follows thought. Know what you want and you will be astonished at how it comes into being.
    2. The second basic principle is not undermining your own success. You're visualizing that car, that life, that house you've always wanted and suddenly - BANG. "I have to pay that electricity bill, the rent, I'll never find love..." One step forward, two steps back. Not putting obstacles in your path to success is as important as taking the next step along it. Failure doesn't exist. The only way you can fail, is if you think you can fail. All the tools needed to succeed are in your own mind, but so are all the impediments.
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    The obvious question is, if success is such a walk in the park, then why isn't everyone living in castles and driving Aston Martins
    Well, try to imagine a blank blackboard in your mind for 10 seconds, nothing else - no donkey. But as soon as you read donkey, you thought of a donkey, didn't you? It takes phenomenal control to be successful, but anyone can do it. As Vince Lombardi once said, "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."
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How to Succeed In Life

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We all have different definitions of what success is. Some gauge it with the material things they have achieved through hard work like a luxury car, a mansion or a seven-digit savings in the bank. While others think that they are successful when they are married to the person of their dreams or if they are doing a job they love to do. But in whatever way we define success, bottom line is, every one of us wants to attain it. But is there really a standard formula to success? Truth is, there is none but there are some ways one can follow to bring success closer to them.

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    Know Your Passion
    Once you know what your passion is, indulge more and excel on it. As they say, the happiest and successful people are those who do what they love to do.
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    Set Your Goals
    To be successful, you should know what your goals are. Knowing your goals will help you determine when, where and how to get started. It will also help if you make a list of your goals to remind you that every day is another fruitful day- another step closer in the realization of your goals.
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    Keep a Balanced Life
    Working hard to achieve your goals and be successful is not at all bad. What makes it wrong is when you forget your other purpose in life. You might be forgetting your responsibilities as a husband and a father because all of your time is spent in wanting to bag a promotion. Find time for work and never forget to allot time for yourself, family, friends and God.
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    Don't Let Failure Come Your Way
    Failure is part of life. Never in the history of mankind can you find a human being who has never failed once in his life. When you fail, don't stop from there, stand up, learn from your mistake, don't do the same mistakes again and strive more. Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, J.K Rowling and Walt Disney are just few of the big names who once in their lives have failed.
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    Stop Comparing
    It is normal to compare yourself with other people. You might start making comparisons between you and a person who is more successful and doing better than you. This could make you feel sorry for yourself and feel some bitterness. But instead of wasting time doing this, maybe you have to ask yourself why are you still on the same spot as you were ten years ago? Appreciate what you have, DREAM BIGGER AND WORK HARDER.
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    Be Open to Fresh Ideas
    There is nothing wrong sticking to the traditional but if you have stayed too long with conventional ideas and nothing yet has happened, it is time to be more open to new ideas.
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Always keep a positive mind and everything will fall into their proper places.

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