Be Spontaneous in a Relationship

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Why Spontaneity and Fun Matter In A Relationship

Keep the romantic spark alive by having some fun together!

In order for your relationship to be as fresh and romantic as it was on the first day that you met it is important that the two of you still have fun together. This means injecting a little spontaneity into the relationship every day if possible. Spontaneity and fun matter are crucial to the success of a long-term relationship because:

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  • Having fun together helps remind you of the early days of your relationship, when you first fell in love
  • Making spontaneous plans together can help the two of you escape the routines that can be depressing and make life seem very boring
  • Being spontaneous and having fun can make you both laugh, and humor helps dispel any tension or resentment that might have been building up in your relationship
  • Enjoying new adventures and exploring new things together can be very bonding and strengthen the trust between you
  • Doing exciting things together can raise your adrenaline levels, which is the same type of physical energy that is used for sexual arousal, which can, in turn, keep your sex life alive
  • Even if neither of you is that interested in sex anymore, engaging in fun, common interests can be deeply bonding and increase your affection for each other

Ways to Be Spontaneous in A Relationship

Take off together and escape for some private time in nature.

Here some obvious as well as some more inventive ways to make your relationship more spontaneous and fun.

  1. 1
    Plan a quick two or three day getaway on the spur of the moment without even making hotel reservations or knowing exactly where you are going
    This adds an element of mystery and a bit of pressure to the situation that encourages sightseeing, tasting different food and making do with wherever you can bed down together for the night.
    Plan a getaway with just the two of you.
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  2. 2
    Get in the car and set off on a journey to visit antique markets and flea markets
    For a complete change of scene, contemplate driving far out of town to find just the perfect, eccentric market to visit.
    Take off together and visit a flea market.
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  3. 3
    Go roller skating or ice skating together
    This is an invigorating fun activity that raises adrenalin and takes you both back to your youth.
    Go ice skating or a change of pace.
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  4. 4
    Plan a quick whimsical little trip together into nature gathers flowers, driftwood or beach glass
    Sometimes the more aimless and pointless the activity is, the more fun it is for both of you. Bring your collection home and make a little altar celebrating your love with it somewhere in your backyard or in your home.
    Collect stones on the beach together.
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  5. 5
    Rent a helicopter for a half-an-hour and fly over the city
    To have the most romantic time ever, book your time at sunset, hold hands, and kiss as you admire the views.
    Go on a spontaneous helicopter ride together.
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  6. 6
    Explore a local haunted house or abandoned property together
    This supplies you with the thrills and chills that get your adrenalin running. If you want to play it safe, look for towns with older architecture that offer ghost tours and ghost walks.
    Explore an abandoned house together.
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  7. 7
    Plan a little getaway together where you steal something together
    Being partners in crime is a deeply bonding experience. For instance, you could drive to the abandoned apple orchard and steal some apples to make some Stolen Apple Pie or to a field to pick blueberries or flowers.
    Plan raid to an apple orchard.
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  8. 8
    Get a metal detector and go hunting for treasures at a junkyard or a beach
    Metal detectors can help you find hidden coins or jeweler, and even though you may not find anything, this is still a fun activity to do together.
    Get a metal detector and go hunting for treasures.
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  9. 9
    If it is winter, go outside and build a snowman or ice sculpture together
    You can even go all out and build an ice village or some other type of interesting sculpture. While you are at it, make a few snow angels in the show. Once you are back inside, you will want some hot chocolate and to snuggle up together in bed to get warm.
    Playing in the snow can be fun.
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  10. 10
    Go through to the car wash together just for fun
    Make out quickly while the car is traveling through the scrubbers, soapy water, and the rinse. Be sure to take a video or a few selfies while you are at it.
    Go for a romantic trip through the carwash together.
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  11. 11
    Give each other an underwear challenge
    Go to a Wal-Mart or a similar store. Both of you have exactly thirty minutes to pick out ten pairs of underwear for each other. You can make another rule for this game, as in, you must buy the ugliest underwear possible or the sexiest.
    Buy each other funny underwear.
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  12. 12
    Decide to take in a flick at an old-fashioned drive in theater
    You might have to drive a long way to find them, as they tend to be in smaller towns or cottage country, but imagine the fun that you will have making out in the car, with the speaker attached to your window, just like a couple of smitten teenagers.
    Take in a movie together at a drive-in.
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  13. 13
    If you have musical talent, get out on the street and sing songs to passerbys together
    Collect change for your efforts, even if you don't need the money. If you don't have any musical talent, try being mimes or telling jokes.
    Busk on the street together.
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  14. 14
    Go to a public park, find a secluded bench and make out together
    Make it a rule that you can only kiss and not touch each other below the belt. Acting like a teenager will make you both feels like one.
    Be spontaneous and make out in a park.
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  15. 15
    Go to the dollar store together with ten dollars each and buy each other a gift bag full of goodies
    The rules of this fun spontaneous activity are that you cannot spend more than one dollar per gift and that the gift must be useful, meaningful or highly unusual. This is, even more, fun if you wrap each gift individually before putting it in your bag.
    Buy gifts for each other at the dollar store.
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  16. 16
    Make 100 sandwiches together and then get out on the street and distribute them to the homeless
    This is easily done by buying several loaves to bread on sale and then cans of tuna or peanut butter and jelly. This especially works for couples who feel good when they are making others feel good.
    Make sandwiches for the homeless together.
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  17. 17
    Decide that the two of you will do some good in this world by getting outside and picking up litter together
    Not only is this good exercise, but also you will meet some interesting people and feel good about each other. Organizing a team to help you clean up a local beach or park is also a very rewarding and fun activity.
    Pick up litter in a park together.
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  18. 18
    Go to the toy store and buy a toy for each other
    The toy must be something that either of you have always wanted as a little kid or it must be something that the two of you can play together later.
    Buy each other a toy at the toy store.
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  19. 19
    If you are up for a bit of strategic fun, drive to the nearest paintball field and get on a team to play
    Paintball is a fun way to raise your adrenalin levels and well as relieve stress. It is also a very adult way to get messed up, dirty and covered with paint.
    Work off some steam by playing paintball.
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  20. 20
    Go for a bounce on a trampoline together
    There is something about bouncing up and down while holding hands that is deeply bonding and a little arousing, especially if the two of you fall down and start tumbling together on the tarpaulin.
    Bouncing on a trampoline can lead to love.
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  21. 21
    Play a game of miniature golf
    This is a game that is enjoyable, but not so physically taxing that you cannot enjoy a little chat with each other. Miniature golf courses are also enchanting places with ponds pools and miniature buildings that are perfect for taking selfish of yourself as a couple.
    Bond by playing a game of miniature golf.
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  22. 22
    Find your nearest labyrinth or local maze and decide to get lost in it
    The best mazes are made of hedges and are usually found as part of main attractions at theme parks or on fairgrounds. For some real fun, play a game of Hide and Seek in a maze.
    Get lost in a maze together.
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  23. 23
    Sneak out in the middle of the night and pour some soap in the local public fountain
    The next day, when the suds are spilling over the sides of the fountain, you can enjoy the fact that you are the perpetrators of this prank. Keeping a secret like this can be deeply bonding.
    Soap bubbles in a public fountain.
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  24. 24
    If you can't physically get away, try shaking up your daily household routines by doing wacky things such as having your dessert for breakfast, having a shower together or bringing takeout home and having a picnic in the living room
    The more inventive you are with these ideas, the better.
    Eat cake for breakast for a change.
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  25. 25
    If you cannot physically get away, bring home the ingredients to make some kind of dinner that you have never made before
    For instance, try boiling your own lobsters or making a special ice cream pizza together. Make sure the food is exotic and a bit of a challenge to make, or else you will just be creating another typical supper.
    Boiling your own lobsters for the first time can be exciting.
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  26. 26
    If you are stuck at home, put an old movie on and mute the sound
    It is up to you to supply the dialogue beneath the silent film. You can also do this with modern films and television shows as well. This fun game works well with couples who are witty or who have a creative bent.
    Make up your own dialogue to a muted movie together.
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  27. 27
    If you cannot get away, decide to pitch a tent in the backyard and sleep out there together
    You could even build a little campfire and roast some marshmallows or play Scrabble by flashlight inside of your pitched pup tent. Activities that are a little child-like such as this can help the two of you bond as if you are teens who are very best friends.
    Camp out in the back yard together.
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  28. 28
    Surprise him or her making a romantic dinner complete with candlelight and fine China and dress up in your very best formal clothes
    Do this even though you are not celebrating any special occasion.
    Have a spontaneous romantic dinner together at home.
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  29. 29
    If it is really hot outside, fill a kiddie pool with water
    The two of you can lie in the pool, sip cocktails and chat while relaxing in the pool.
    Have fun in a kiddy pool together.
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  30. 30
    Surprise him or her by having a hot bubble bath ready for him or her when he or she comes home
    Surround the bath with lit candles and rose petals. When the bath is over, offer your partner a relaxing massaging or foot rub. This type of spontaneous behavior almost always leads to sex.
    Take a bubble bath together.
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  31. 31
    Greet your partner by dressing up as a butler or maid
    Then proceed to wait on her hand and foot, bringing him or her a drink, the newspaper and anything else that he or she could want. Make sure that your partner knows that you are there to service him or her in any way that you possibly can.
    Dress up as a maid or butler to add some excitement.
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  32. 32
    In the privacy of your bedroom, blindfold each other and feed each other exotic foods
    Good choices are strawberries dipped in chocolate, oysters, pickled artichokes and other aphrodisiacs. This is not only a good way to keep your memory and taste buds sharp; it is also a good way to prepare the scene for romance later.
    Taste foods while blindfolded for fun.
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  33. 33
    Just to be funny, make a deal that you will only talk in a foreign accent or pig Latin for an entire day
    This subtle, but very funny change in your daily routine, should have you both giggling as well as get you some funny looks from the general public.
    Make sure you joke around and make each other laugh.
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  34. 34
    Sit down together and silently write each other a letter of appreciation
    Then take a walk to the post-office together to mail it. This is a gift that keeps on giving when a few days letter you get the love to you in the mail.
    Write each other a love letter.
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  35. 35
    Even though it is not a significant day, make a time capsule together
    During this bonding ritual, you will put a few precious mementos of your love together and then bury them in a box in your backyard or in some other special place. Then hide a piece of paper in your house somewhere with a reminder of where the box is buried. Promise that neither o you will open the box until twenty years have passed.
    Bury a time capsule together.
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  36. 36
    If you are stuck at home together, try making a few prank calls for fun
    Combine this activity with a couple of beers and you will soon have quite a bit of hilarity on your hands. Stay away from phoning emergency services and only prank those friends of yours that love a good joke or those companies that have been sending telemarketers your way.
    Make each other laugh with prank calls.
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  37. 37
    Turn off the lights, spin the disco ball and dance to the golden oldies in the living room
    This can be very invigorating and romantic thing to do. Be sure to play a couple of slow songs so the two of you can dance hunched all over each other like a couple of kids at a prom.
    Have fun dancing at home.
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  38. 38
    Have a few shots of beer and whiskey while playing a game of Strip Poker
    Every time one of you loses a hand, you have to remove an item of clothing. This is a romantic pursuit that almost always leads to sex later.
    A game of strip poker can liven things up.
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  39. 39
    Keep abreast of what is going on up in the sky and if there is a comet passing over or an asteroid shower make sure the two of you are outside watching it together
    Even better drive to a park or beach where there is no light pollution to enjoy the romantic cosmic show.
    Spend some time looking at the stars together.
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  40. 40
    Be naughty and crash a wedding reception
    First of all, scour the papers for wedding announcements and the locations of a wedding. Dress your best and then once you are there, amuse each other by pretending to be friends of the bride and groom. Be sure to enjoy a little dancing and food while you are at it.
    Make some new friends and a crash a wedding reception.
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Tips and Tricks

Leave your cell phones at home or you may end up having a date with them instead.
  • Keep in mind that all relationships take a little bit of work if they are to last and that simply having fun together is a great way to "get to work" on your issues
  • If you have kids, remember to call the babysitter or grandma to look after them as taking the kids along can put a big damper on things
  • It helps to leave your cell phone at home so the two of you truly can focus on each other while you are having fun and not be tempted to do business, check up on the kids or surf social media

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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