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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Is it something wrong with the phone or the battery?

My battery was completely drained and I am trying to charge it. at first the charger kept chipping in and out. I switched the batteries and its saying battery disconnected when I put the Samsung battery in. When it says battery disconnected, the battery sign also goes

Before you start doing anything else, plug in the phone and charge it for at least 10 hours or until it possible shows that it is charged 100%. What I personally think is happening is that it is not your battery or phone but the charger and cable itself. Do not get me wrong, you could still have say a loose charging port. That can be fixed by removing the battery and taking a the end of a paperclip or toothpick and carefully centering your charging port connection. The chargers we get from the phone when we purchase them only last for so long. In fact, they seem to get worse each time you buy a new phone. These companies make their money on accessories such as chargers and cables so why invest in a sturdy reliable cable when the customer can just purchase a new one from Samsung for example. If you have another cable, please test that out with the phone. I had the same issue you are experiencing and went out and purchased a new battery only to find out it was the charger itself all along. My phone was only about one year old at the time. If you do not have another cable, connect the charger to another phone such as your friends to see how well it charges their phone. This will help you determine what the cause is.

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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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