Balance Video Games and Your Relationship (Males)

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Video games are growing more popular day by day, and it is seems more guys than girls play video games. We're going to address the trick for guys to balance their game time with relationship time. Some guys go as far as to completely ignore the relationship because they are so focused on their video games. To those of you who don't game often, this doesn't seem like a problem, but to guys who are addicted to playing; this is definitely a problem. There are many ways to fix this issue without having to give up video gaming completely, simply follow these steps to help you to become a more balanced video gamer and boyfriend.

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    Get your girlfriend to gain a hobby of her own so that while you are playing your video games she is also occupied during that time
    This would serve as a diversion. Nothing is worse than trying to play the game and your girlfriend is lingering around you with nothing to do, leading to arguments that the two of you are not spending enough time with each other. It doesn't matter which hobby it is, as long as it's time-consuming. Just make sure to keep her away from hobbies that will she will expect you to become involved with, as this will seriously cut into your gaming time. Figure out things that she likes to do and then present her an appropriate hobby that can help her get out and mostly keep her busy so that you can enjoy your game time. It is important to remember that you will need to do your best to schedule your gaming times around the times of her hobbies so that you two have enough time to be together in between hobbies.
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    Find something that she can do around the area to keep herself busy while you are video gaming
    Hobbies like expressed in step 1 will often get out of the house, but if you can find something for her to do while in the home then its just as good. These activities include reading, painting, crocheting or even her watching TV. A lot of guys get through this by putting a second TV in the room so that while you are indulging in your video games she is beside you watching her shows but you two are still together spending time in the end. When having her find a stay at home hobby you two are in fact still together and spending time regardless of what the two of you are doing separately, she is still there and so are you.
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    Spend more time with her than you do playing video games
    If you find yourself playing video games a lot but not spending enough time with her then you will need to tip the scales a little more in her favor. Those two hours you spent playing video games could have spent with her instead. If you spend more time with her than playing video games, the arguments will be in your favor for you have spent time in her favor. Don't wait for her to point out the problems. Instead, recognize the problem yourself. Some girls will not fight for your attention. They'll just exit the relationship altogether - quietly and gracefully. A lot of guys mess up by waiting for their girlfriend to let them know that they are gaming too much, and not spending enough time with her.
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    Convince her that she wants you to play video games instead of doing anything else out there in the world
    This is deception. The trick to doing this is to quit playing video games for a short period of time, and become grouchy while you are not playing - you know - to get on her nerves. Always be around her and stick to her like glue until the she gets annoyed with you being around and on her all day long. Also pick up another hobby that she will not like at all so that she starts to wish that you would just go back to playing video games. When doing this, make sure you are doing something that will get on your girls nerves. Some girls don't like guys who call every five minutes so do that and let her know how bored you are while having the conversations with her, for this is sure to make her take back the request that you stop playing video games.
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    Get your girlfriend to play video games with you from time to time
    Sometimes us guys are not lucky enough to find a "gamer girlfriend" so alternatively, invite her into your world of video gaming. At first it will be good for you to invite her in small doses and play games that will entertain her as well as yourself. Sometimes you will need to stay away from your favorite video games, in order to gain her attention. Some girls will like the idea of spending time with you by playing video games, and some will not, so prepared for it not working in your favor.
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  • Before getting into a relationship with a girl, find out if she likes to play video games, as this will eliminate all future arguments concerning video gaming.
  • Refrain from talking about video games to your girlfriend as this may cause her to hate the idea of how involved you are with video games.
  • Be honest about your gaming activity, so she will feel more in tune with your video gaming world, even if she is not playing with you

Questions and Answers

Why do guys play video games instead of spending time with girls?

There are many reasons why boys get drawn into playing video games rather than spending time with their girlfriends. One of the reasons is that playing games gives them joy and happiness. They suddenly forget their problems and they are allowed to interact with their friends in a way that comes very naturally for them. (They can both hang out, even if they're not in the same location, through playing online games together). This is how they relax and build companionship with their guy friends, which can be a welcome break from always feeling the need to look perfect and be well-mannered around their girlfriends. Playing games, for boys, is a very simple ways of showing and improving their skills, and emphasizing their power, strength, knowledge, actions, etc., for their own esteem, and in the eyes of others. It also gives them the opportunity to meet new friends and experience new adventures.

A warning; gaming can become an addiction for many people. They get caught up in the game and practically forget about everything else.

This is a very difficult topic to give one answer on but one common reason guys like to play video games instead of spending time with their partner is because in a video game they can be themselves and engage in a world that is not real - meaning they can do anything the want. In a video game, they can escape from the world and avoid arguments and judgments while playing the game.

How to balance video games and relationship.

Even if a boy loves his girlfriend, he still may not be able to avoid loving video games too. The best way to balance time between your girlfriend and playing games is to make playing games one of the activities you do together. Convince your girlfriend that it's not a waste of time if she plays with you, the two of you will have more quality time with each other. Shows your girlfriend that you enjoy playing games with her, and talk and joke while you're playing. This way she will want to play with you again and you can be with your girlfriend while you are playing games.

Video games can put a strain on a relationship, especially when someone loses the balance between video games and his relationship. When you put video games before loved ones, it will cause tension. No one wants to be your second choice, especially to playing video games. If you find yourself embroiled in arguments regarding your gaming, and you are constantly disappointing your girlfriend, it might be time to admit you are addicted to video games. If you really love someone, you will do just about anything to make her happy. You will never let her cry and feel unimportant. If you want to play games, you should, but make sure you're spending enough time with your girlfriend before playing those video games.

The basic rule for balancing your gaming with your relationship is to designate time with your companion and your video games. Also you will need to ensure that you designate more time to your partner rather than the gaming, perhaps 60% of your time with your girlfriend, and 40% of your time on video games.

Quality of a relationship for guys playing video games.

There are women who actually complain about men who like to play video games a lot, however, this is also not always a problem in a relationship. There is nothing wrong for men to indulge in what they enjoy doing. This is about understanding and respecting each other's likes and dislikes. It's also important to give each other space from time to time so each of you are able to fulfill your own personal needs. In other words, the quality of a relationship does not always have to suffer if you like playing video games.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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