Avoid viruses/Malware to run in your computer operating system(OS),

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Many people now are running an account of an administrator in their PC OS like Windows 7, 8 , vista and XP on this case they are very prone in running some malicious malware in their PC like plugging a USB devices will allow to autorun the script autorun.inf in the USB device Storage that has been affected by the malware.)


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    1 First, you need to disable the autorun program in the system, in Windows XP you need to run the program called registry by clicking the start button then click the program run then type regedit.exe, after running the program you need to search for the registry through the pressing the key F3 then type "nodrivetypeautorun" and change the current value to "ff" then you are done.
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    2 Second, you need to create a new user account which has a limited access to the system to disengage some possibilities of running virus/malware directly to the system
    In Windows XP you need to go to the control panel and select the "User Accounts" - create a new account - enter the name of the said account then select the LIMITED. Steps are the same with the Windows 7 and vista version.
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    3 Lastly, from the users and account you need now to put some credential to the administrator account to protect the privacy and to protect the system from autorun scripts.
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    4 Always Remember that "Be curious of many things that you have to click"
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Alternate options to prevent Viruses or Malware

There are a lot of ways that you can protect your computer to avoid viruses or malware to run in your computer's Operating system.

First of, Fire wall on your computer must be turned on. From the name it self it serves as a wall to prohibit unknown sources or intruders to go in to your computer and run unknown resources that can cause damage on to your computer's operating system.

Second, is an Anti-Virus for your computer. If you are more on surfing the internet and downloading files, documents, books, videos, Audio files and any other from the internet.

It is best that your Anti-virus is up to date. Anti-Virus will Guard your computer and can detect viruses from the files on your computer and can eliminate those as well.

Please note of this. There are programs in the internet that can help you clean your computer and detect any files with Malware or Virus but can also harm your computer.

Those programs that can be downloaded from the internet can actually delete programs files and some other files in your computer registry. They may end up having a Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD.

I suggest that you install Anti-Virus from a trusted brand like Kaspersky, McCafee and any others.

In case that you do not have Firewall on your computer nor an Anti-virus that has been installed.

You need to purchase a firewall router. This firewall routers has a built in firewall that can filter the incoming data when you surf the internet and block unknown resources to get in to your computer and avoid having them to your computer to run.

One thing to note as well is if you encounter pop up or prompts upon visiting to a website. Do not automatically run those files as it may contain viruses that can invade your computer and damage.

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  • You can also use software that will remove autorun script like USB Antivirus/ Autorun remover.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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