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This article will be on how to prevent yourself from becoming addicted to video games. A lot of kids and adults have become addicted to video games putting everything in life on pause to play their favorite game, as this does not sound like a big problem it can cause to become one if left unnoticed for a certain period of time. As this may sound like a joke this issue is very serious and can sometimes cause game addicts to lose the sense of reality.

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    As some believe that the game causes the addiction just like any addiction it is not the product but the person themselves who is allowing the addiction to form inside
    No gamer addict can overcome their addiction until they notice that is a problem themselves, so if they do not see that it a problem it will be difficult for them to cut their addiction. So the first step is for the person to accept that they have a gaming addiction for if they do not they will not be able to overcome and any attempts will prove to be futile. If you can get them or if the person can notice their issue then the road to recovery is under way and they can begin the process of helping either themselves or allowing someone else to help them overcome.
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    After you have confronted that there is an issue with your gaming habits you will need to assess the situation further
    When assessing the situation ask yourself how many hours? How many friends do you have (not online)? Last time you ever went out and had fun? Last time you have actually spent with a friend in person? After you have asked yourself this question and realize that you probably have not done any of the following in a while or even can't remember then you need to put the controller down and focus on the lack of activities you are doing because of your video games.
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    Just as anyone with an addiction issue refrain from blaming others for your issue with video games
    Nobody is responsible for your addiction other than yourself for you are the one who chose to play your games to this extent instead of enjoying life around you, also it is not any game makers fault for your issue as well so keep the blame on yourself for you are the reason you are becoming or have become an addict in the first place. Also an example of it being an issue you have created is by acknowledging that many other video gamers are healthy people who life fulfilled lives and only a small amount of gamers are classified as addicts.
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    Even though you see it as a negative issue it is important to remain positive and focus on making it through to the goal you have set forth with getting rid of the addiction
    Also do not look at yourself in a bad way because there are more addictions that are worse than video games so understand this first and continue onto your goal.
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    A good step to calming yourself down with playing your games too much is to time yourself or give yourself a limit to how much you can play
    This option will take a lot of self-control in order to complete because it will solely be up to you to time yourself and make yourself stop when the limit has been reached. You can use a clock or stopwatch to alert you of when your time for playing is done. Also it is important to choose the type of game you wish to play for some will require different hours upon reaching a goal that you are satisfied in reaching for that period of time.
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    When trying to target if you are an addict or are trying to stray away video games that do not have an ending are needed to be given away
    Games that do not end also tend to make you go on until you are sucked into the world of the never ending. Focus on games that can be completed so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment once you have finished the game making you have to pause or even take time out to purchase or go out into the world to get another game.
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    A big sign of video game addiction is adding up all the time you use playing games, talking about games, reading up on games and game guides
    If you have an extremely high number of hours that you have put in then you need to seriously consider stopping immediately before you get too far gone that you cannot cure this addiction at all.
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    Another thing that can help is to find something else to do besides play video games, there are other gamers out there who also like to do other things besides play video games
    Even if you have to link up with one of your online friends do so for it may make the transition even easier for you with your addiction.
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Video game addiction sounds funny to some people but can turn out to be a major problem not only for the victim but for others around them also, so taking these steps can help a person get over the addiction or stop things from happening in the first place. If you can gain help from a friend then this may also help or at least other gamers like yourself who actually do other things as this can inspire you to do better and set better goals.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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