Avoid Factors That Cause Laundry Not to Dry Quick in the Dryer

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Points to Check When Dryer is not Drying Quickly

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    Too much lint impacted in the lint collector
    If you have not been checking on your lint collector and not disposing the ones that had been collected, this could strongly impact the ability of your dryer to actually dry the clothes. The lint will impede in the proper circulation of air inside the dryer, thus making it difficult for the clothes to absorb the heat. This will also cause your dryer to waste on electricity, because it will put more strain on the machine because of its inability to actually dry. Therefore, you may notice that your dryer cycles are slower than usual and that drying time will get prolonged. Overall, this is not healthy for your machine as well.
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    Very crowded load
    Even when you have categorized your laundry load to be a "heavy load", it still does not mean that you will stuck everything into your dryer. Make sure that there remains to be some space in between the clothes and that the clothes can still move around comfortable inside your dryer. If it's too stuffed, it will follow the motion of the dryer, but this won't be enough to actually dry the clothes. You need to make sure there remains to be some breathing ground for the clothes in between.
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    Extremely crumpled and bunched up pieces of clothing
    Before putting your clothes inside the dryer, make sure that you stretch them up a bit so that they can get dry faster. For example, make sure your socks are not bunched into a small ball or that the sleeves of your sweaters are not pushed in. If you do not correct these, the likelihood that your clothes won't dry on those bunched up areas is very high. Make sure the different parts of your clothes are able to move freely inside the dryer.
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    Improper settings
    Pay attention to the directions in your clothing for drying and set your machine that way accordingly. It will help if you will group your laundry in different categories and dry clothes of similar types at the same time. This way, you will be able to follow the drying instructions quite accurately. For example, the way to dry a formal polo shirt with very thin fabric is totally different from the way that you would handle a knitted sweater. If you force them all into one batch, it's either you will damage your thinner clothes, or you will leave your thicker clothes wet.
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