Avoid Embarrassing Yourself when You Have a Cold

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    Bring tissue or handkerchief all the time
    You would not want to be sneezing only to find out that you don't have any tissues or hankies with you. Not only is this embarrassing, this is also rather unhygienic because you are spreading the virus to other people. This makes other people avoid you as well and they will not look at you positively. It tells them that you are rather inconsiderate of the people around you. Make sure that you have at least something to cover your nose and mouth when you do sneeze because of your cold.
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    Do not blow your nose in public
    It is a given that it is such a relief to be able to blow out the phlegm in your nose when you have a cold. However, doing it in public is not at all relieving for other people. It is downright gross and very rude. Make sure you at least go to the toilet when you have to do this.
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    Stay home as much as possible
    This is the best option when you have a cold. Not only will this help you recover faster, it will also prevent you from spreading the virus to others. Most companies actually have this policy already in which they will just tell their employees to take a day off when they are not feeling well. This ensures that the entire company will not be affected by the cold and that less people will be absent. It is also very embarrassing especially if your job requires you to interact with customers and other people. Not only will you not look presentable, it is rather uncomfortable for other to see you in that condition as well. Stay out of people's sight as a courtesy to yourself and to the people around you.
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    Do not sneeze loudly
    There are certain people who seem not to care if they are almost shouting when they sneeze. There are ways to avoid making this loud sound. For example, you can cover your nose and mouth with a face towel instead of a handkerchief. Anyhow, keep in mind that a loud sneeze is never funny and this is rather rude.
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