Avoid Data Roaming charges while travelling on vacation in another country

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Data roaming charges are incurred when you are outside your network coverage area. Push notifications, roaming charges and updates create costly data overages. Roaming is a term given when you're using another mobile network to surf the net, receive your emails, download check Facebook, etc. Even though you are using another mobile network to access the internet on your phone, you are being billed by your normal provider, and it can get very expensive. There are ways you can cut back on these costs. Check out these simple tips to avoid excess roaming charges during your vacation.

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Save on Data Roaming Charges

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  1. 1
    Turn Off Data Roaming
    The first thing you need to do as soon as you are outside your network area, is turn off your data roaming. Roaming occurs when you are on a network that does not belong to your provider. Some phones will automatically switch data roaming off to avoid excess charges, but you need to ascertain yours is off, don't just assume. You may not be using your phone to surf, but smartphones like your Galaxy S3 install updates without you even noticing. It's therefore important to turn off data roaming whenever possible. You will likely find the data roaming options in your settings folder.
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    Avoid Answering or Making Phone Calls
    Unless it's important, avoid receiving and making calls when abroad to reduce data roaming costs. What some people don't realize is, by receiving that call, you will actually be charged for it. Use your hotel telephone or get an international phone card. It's a sure way of keeping track of your expenditure during your vacation.
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    Disable Push Notifications and Auto-Syncing
    Smart phones instantly alert when we get a new email. You need to turn off push notifications.
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    Avoid Using the Internet
    Although this can't be helped sometimes, like if you are on a business trip and need to do some work online, you should try to use WiFi networks because they are generally free. Book hotels that offer free WiFi access to avoid data roaming charges. Alternatively, most luxurious hotels will allow you to access computers in their lobby area. In many European countries, entire areas have free WiFi access, including buses and trains.
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    Acquire an International Data Package
    You can purchase a package through your cell phone service provider. These packages are known as "add-ons." Most service providers let you purchase bundles of data for a monthly rate. Therefore you can use the internet without searching for a WiFi hotspot.
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    Shop Around for a SIM Card
    When abroad, shop around for the best mobile phone rates. Buying a local SIM is one of the cheapest options. It can also be very difficult because you will get a local number. A local SIM is very useful especially if you plan to contact people travelling in the same country as you. If you decide to get a prepaid international SIM card, you will also need to look for an unlocked GSM standard phone. It's best to ask your provider whether your phone is "world-compatible." If you travel frequently, make sure you investigate all options available. In many countries, a cheap phone is a good choice.
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    Try WiFi Enabled Alternatives
    With recent advancements in technology, some great apps have become available. These apps enhance communication with people across the globe. For example, the WhatsApp messenger lets you send messages, pictures, videos, audio messages via WiFi.
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    Turn your phone off
    If you are on vacation, then you should spend this time having fun. Nobody wants to go on vacation with a person who is constantly glued to his phone screen next to a swimming pool. So the ultimate way to avoid excess data roaming charges abroad is to simply switching that phone off! To avoid temptation, try putting your phone in your suitcase immediately you get to your hotel. Turn it off and enjoy your trip!
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