Avoid Common Makeup Pet Peeves

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Makeup is intended to enhance a person's looks. However, the application and maintenance of makeup is also not that easy. In fact, it can even go so wrong that it causes the opposite effects on one's appearance. There are also common difficulties and problems with makeup that people usually hate. Identifying exactly what these usual problems are and finding ways to address them can save a person from a lot of hassle when wearing makeup.

Common Makeup Pet Peeves

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    Lipstick that never stays too long
    If you don't eat or drink the whole day, you probably won't have any problem keeping your lips with lipstick. However, most of the time, this is not the case. Once sip of your coffee or one bite on your burger can easily smudge your lipstick and you will need to reapply. There are lipsticks which are said to stay on your lips for hours because it does not transfer easily, but these are usually the ones which are very very dry on the lips and feel uncomfortable to wear.
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    Face powder that looks too blotchy
    Face powder is a good addition to basic daily makeup. However, if you apply it carelessly, it can also make you look rather awkward. Also, it is important to make sure that the color of your neck blends well with your face. Apply face powder on your neck as well. Another thing difficult in the application of face powder is when you have to reapply it while your face is already oily. It will be very difficult to keep it balanced when your face is already oily. Also, this kind of practice may also lead to acne or pimples because your are basically enclosing or trapping dirt and oil underneath the powder. It also makes your skin unable to breathe well.
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    Concealer that does not really conceal
    Not all concealers are easy to apply. The liquid-based ones are relatively easier although they are also known to smear faster, especially if the weather is hot. The stick type concealers are usually lasting for a long time, although you really have to be very good when applying. Otherwise, it will not look too smooth and it will make your face look really cakey and heavy.
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    Eye makeup that cause eye irritation
    Eye makeup is really nice, especially when it's done the right way. It can significantly affect ones looks. However, since it goes very near the eyes, these eye makeups can easily cause irritation and it becomes very uncomfortable to wear makeup after that. It is very important that one buys a hypoallergenic eye makeup, especially if you know you have very sensitive eyes.
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