Automatically save screen prints to jpg files with a watermark using snapper

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Snapper.exe is nothing fancy but it does its job amazingly well at what it does. It makes putting pictures in this wiki much easier for example. Snapper will allow you to use your Screen Print key (or Alt-PrtSc if you just want to take a snapshot of a window) to take snapshots of your computer screen and have them automatically save to a jpg file. Each file gets its own name with the prefix you specify followed by the date and a sequential number.

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I am using snapper.exe to create this HowTo wiki in fact. I have set the resolution on the saves to 40% to keep the files small and still reasonably easy to read.


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    Download snapper.exe from here It doesn't come with an installer so you simply expand the zip file and copy the exe to a convenient place you want to run it from
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    Choose where you want to save the file to
    Make sure you pay attention to the location so will know where to go to find it in the next step.
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    After saving it you can find it by clicking Ctrl -J in most browsers (I am using firefox but I know it works in chrome too)
    You will see the downloaded file at the top of the list since you downloaded it last.
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    Right mouse click on the file and choose "Open Containing Folder".
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    Now double click on the file you have downloaded named and it will automatically show you the file inside the zip file
    You could technically double click on snapper.exe and start using it right away but I don't know if it will work properly inside a zip file. So to be safe and for later use click and drag it to a location on your computer you can access it from later. If you are not sure where to drag it use your desktop.
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    Now double click on snapper.exe to run it
    The first option threw me for a loop because it says "Entire Desktop" and if you're like me you might be thinking "but I only want to take a snapshot of just a window." Fortunately, although it's not documented you can use Alt-PrtSc (Press and hold the Alt key and tap the Print screen key usually label PrtSc). You will hear a neat old fashioned camera sound like you hear in the movies when photographers are taking pictures. You may want to set the folder to a specific place where you want to keep snapshots. I made just typed snapper and the first time I tried to use it I was prompted to allow snapper to create the folder which I allowed. The JPG quality I set to 40% for this article. I think it's a good compromise if you want the screen viewable but not too heavy. You can see some aliasing but it's not dramatic. I may experiment in the future with a slightly better resolution. The rest of the options are fairly obvious so I won't go over them all. However you may be wondering what "Flight Simulator" and latitude have to do with this tool. At first I was a little concerned it was going to somehow save my physical GPS location into the jpg or put it on the photo as a watermark. Fortunately these features only apply if it is being used inside a light simulator game the author had originally written this utility for. You can safely leave these options unchecked.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Snapper has a watermark feature but to be honest the font chosen is a little unprofessional so I just don't use that feature. Otherwise I love this neat little utility.
  • Once you run snapper you will see a little camera icon in the lower right hand corner of your Windows screen in your icon tray. You can click on it to adjust these settings at any time.
  • You can click on unload snapper to unload it from memory and essentially turn it off.

News from the Author, Michiel Overtoom

While talking with the author of this program he mentioned the following upgrades need to be done based on user feedback:

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    Some people experience Snapper losing its settings from time to time (I suspect some registry error)
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    Remove Flight Simulator integration
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    Make the font for the watermark configurable (It's now hardcoded to Arial).
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  • Known Bugs

    A very small number of users experience a problem with losing their settings which the author thinks is due to a registry error. It is unclear if this is due to a software bug or is configured/corrupted Windows installation. This problem is not too serious since snapper only has a few settings.

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    Snapper is Open Source

    To any developers reading this who would like to implement some of the changes above or any changes they would like to see the author has made the source code available here:

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    Questions and Answers

    Does this work in a Citrix environment (terminal services)?

    See above question about supported environments.

    As long as you have the correct permissions to install applications in your environment, then yes, Snapper will work with Citrix. If you don't have the correct permissions, though, it won't; you'll have to contact the administrator to gain the necessary permissions to use this application.

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    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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