Attract a Man with Money

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Men with a lot of money are usually attracted to women who have a lot of perceived self-worth. This means that you do not have to be a rich woman to attract a rich man, you only have to show that you are up to play the role as his wife. However, keep in mind that many rich men are already married and looking for a mistress that they are willing to support financially, in return for their company and affection.

Some Ways to Attract a Man Who Makes a Lot of Money

Attracting a man with money can be a tricky business.

These ways will make you become his mistress or even his wife.

  1. 1
    Practice faking it until you make it by adopting the behaviors, grooming and character traits of a woman that moves within wealthy circles
    Keep in mind that wealthy individuals may have different behaviors and hangouts, depending on where they live. For instance, in South Carolina, you might be more likely to find a man hanging out on a golf course, whereas in New York you might find them conglomerating at a fundraiser for an art museum. One of the first steps you should take towards attracting a wealthy man with money is to research the local hangouts of the privileged in your area and make it your goal to visit those places.
    Hang out where rich men do, such as at the golf course.
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    Fix yourself up physically by losing weight, visiting the dentist and getting plastic surgery to look younger (if you can afford it.) Men who are wealthy know that they can have any woman they want and often look for superior physical attractiveness in a woman
    This is not necessarily because they are sexist, but it might be because they consider themselves to be alpha males who have the need to show off their trophy mate to the men in their circle. A rich man might appreciate the fact that you are charming, well-mannered and have personality but the bottom line is that he can find a woman with all of that who is also very good looking.
    Consider straightening your teeth with Invisalign braces to improve your smile.
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    If you have any tattoos, cover them up or get them removed
    Tattoos often signify a person from the lower classes or someone who has less than good taste. The upper class has also never really embraced the trend of multiple piercings or body modification procedures such as stretched earlobes or tattooed scalps
    Tattooed women are considered to be a bit lower class.
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    Be a blonde, brunette or redhead and avoid boasting bright white hair or tresses that are dyed wild colors
    When it comes to hair, the men in wealthier circles prefer naturally colored locks as opposed to pink, purple or blue hair. However, it is quite common for wealthier women to have streaked, frosted or slightly tinted hair. It is also a good idea to keep your hair longer, to shoulder length and to wear it up in a bun on special occasions.
    Odd colored hair denotes somebody o a lower class.
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  5. 5
    Adopt the wardrobe of someone a lot wealthier than you actually are by shopping at stores frequented by rich women
    Being able to outfit yourself in the designer clothes that rich wives wear shows your potential lover or husband that you have taste and a bit of class, and that you can keep up with him socially. There are ways of buying knock-offs of designer clothing, but you are advised to stay away from this, as the status-conscious rich are very aware when somebody is not wearing an original creation. The solution is to buy just a few genuine pieces and mix and match them with more run-of-the-mill ones to give you a hip, but tasteful fashion edge.
    Even worn casually, a Chanel jacket can make you appear to be wealthier than you are.
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    Wear at least one really expensive piece of jewelry when you go out to meet wealthy men
    This could be an expensive watch, a pair of pearl earrings or a diamond tennis bracelet. This is a way of showing the wealthy man that you are not totally after him for his money because you own your own jewels. If he does not believe you are that self-sufficient, he might also believe that the jewelry you are wearing is gifts from other admirers, which may also awaken his competitive spirit.
    Impress him by wearing a very expensive watch.
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  7. 7
    Become a skilled lover
    This is going to be very important down the line, as a wealthy man will not have much patience with a woman who is not that good in bed. The harsh facts are that he can probably have any woman that he wants. To keep yourself informed of the latest sexual techniques, read how-to sexual manuals and talk to girlfriends who are more candid about their sex lives (as they can give you tips on how to keep a man satisfied.) Some community colleges and Learning Annexes even offer courses in sexual expertise.
    Learn how to become a skilled lover.
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  8. 8
    Show the rich men that you have brains, as well as beauty, by getting a college or university degree
    Street smarts or being just one course short of a diploma will not get you a rich man unless you are particularly beautiful and some kind of prodigy. Nowadays it is important for a man to brag about his woman's intellectual accomplishments, as well as her prowess in bed. Unless he is extremely attracted to your body or some other quality, an undergraduate degree is the minimum pre-requisite to meet a rich man.
    Wealthy men appreciate beauty as well as brains.
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    Keep up with current events by reading the same newspapers and magazines that wealthy men do
    Although a lot of rich men want a trophy wife, they also desire a partner who is knowledgeable about what is going on in the world today. This does not mean getting your news from the memes in your Facebook social media feed. It means going to some real effort to read such publications as Forbes, The Economist, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Financial Post and The Guardian. A wealthy businessman may not expect you to know as much as he does about business, but he is more likely to be attracted to you if he knows that he can tell you about his business life and bounce some ideas off of you every now and then.
    It is important to keep up with current events.
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  10. 10
    Become a member at major museums and art galleries and attend all of the fundraisers
    This is one sure way to practice the sort of social climbing that could help you win a rich man.
    Make a point of showing up to charity balls and galas.
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    Make sure you attend all of the opening nights at the theater and the opera
    Many rich individuals have season tickets to the local opera or theater house. You can usually find out about big openings and parties by checking the entertainment section of your newspaper or by searching local events online.
    Opera 98349.jpg
    [[Image:opera_46089.jpg|cetner|frame|Be sure to attend openings at the opera and be dressed appropriately.]
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    Hang out in the bars of expensive hotels
    Rich men usually stay in top-of-the-line hotels and then come down to the bar for a nightcap when they get lonely. Getting a job as a bartender or cocktail waitress at one of these upscale establishments is also a good way of meeting a rich man.
    Hang out with the rich and famous at a hotel bar.
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  13. 13
    Become a member of an upscale country club
    One sure way to meet a rich man is to hang out with them at a private club. If you cannot afford to join one or if they will not let you in, consider getting a job at one to put you in closer proximity to the rich and famous.[[Image:upsca_40813.jpg|center|rame|Become a member of an upscale country club and hang out by the pool.]
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  14. 14
    Join a gun club or become a member of a local shooting range
    Many wealthy men are also hunters or they enjoy the recreational use of firearms. Many men, rich or not, find the sight of a beautiful woman using a gun to be quite exciting and sexy.
    Join a gun club to meet wealthy men.
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  15. 15
    Make a point of attending the racetrack whenever there are special events or competitions happening
    This is because many rich men also own several horses. You could also get a job in a stable, an equestrian club or at the racetrack itself. If there is some kind of fund-raising event at the local racetrack, be sure to attend and make a point of mingling with both the men and women. The reason you want to mingle with the women as well is because they can often tell you who amongst the guests is an eligible bachelor.
    Make a point of dressing up and attending the racetrack
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  16. 16
    Look at the obituaries in the newspaper to find out if a wealthy man's wife has died
    Very often, the news of a privileged wife's death is written up in a lengthy obituary in the newspaper. You can show up in person to meet the bereaved husband by attending the get together after the funeral, or research him online to try and meet him at his golf course, local bar or gym.
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Tips and Tricks

Hotel doormen can often tell you where the rich and famous hangout.

  • Doormen, valets and serving staff at big expensive hotels often have insider information about where the rich and famous hang out in your area
  • Although you want to impress a wealthy man, you should never lie to him about who you really are or where you came from as even the smallest of fibs will become obvious after he has known you a while
  • Consider becoming an airline stewardess, as they tend to meet people from all walks of life who are wealthy, including the pilots who fly the planes
  • Caterers and specialty bakers also have a greater chance of mingling with the rich and famous who often order their delicacies in to serve their parties

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