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Determine Fake vs. Real Iphone

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Is there any other iPhone 6 that is not assembled in China?

I just want to make sure if the Californian design Apple iPhone 6 assembled in China, is original or not? Why is it assembled in China? Is there any other iPhone 6 that is not assembled in China?

Original iPhone 6 phones are assembled and manufactured in China (there is a manufacturing Apple factory in Brazil; nonetheless, Brazilians import iPhone 6 phones). The design and warehousing are USA-based, and sourcing and distribution are worldwide-based. This means that different parts of the phones are supplied mostly by Asian companies from China, Japan, and South Korea (there are some European parts in the phones too); but these parts are shipped to China. However, there are fake iPhone 6 devices from China and Korea as well; and that is why we have the article on VisiHow about that.

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iPhone 6 devices are manufactured in China because of the cheap labor costs, and it is cheaper for Apple to ship the ready products from China to the USA and then distribute them than to relocate a factory to another country (for example, a factory in the US would cost Apple approximately 2 billion).

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I want to know if I am getting the real stuff from China?

There is a company in China claiming to sell the iPhone 6s plus for 0 USD and have provided serial number etc and certificates but I am still not convinced if they are telling the truth.

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I want to buy a new phone, I want to have some tips on its features and usage?

I want to buy a new phone, I want to have some tips on its features and usage

One of the best web sites to discover features of a phone is http://gsmarena.com/. Go there and click the search field at the top. Enter a phone model. Then, you can click a search result. You will see a phone with its specifications. You can click "OPINIONS" to read reviews on the phone. You can click "COMPARE" to find another phone and juxtapose it with the current one (up to three phones are supported to be compared). You can click "PICTURES" to see how the phone looks and "360º VIEW" to see the three-dimensional model of the phone. These all will help you to see what the real phone looks like and avoid getting fake ones.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: How to determine the iPhone 4S between fake and original? On back side of iPhone is it stated on the original: designed by California

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