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Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone

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Are double messages from someone a sign that he is spying on me?

I've been getting double messages from one person. I also have double pictures which I've only taken once. This person seems to know things that I haven't told him and mentions it in a roundabout way. He has been around my house overnight, and I'm worried that he's spying on either my phone or my WiFi. How can I check if this is happening and how can I stop it?

First of all, check if you have programs that double the function. For example, two or more SMS message applications (Go SMS and Handcent SMS or something like that) or two or more photo camera applications. You will need to keep only one of each type. Pictures can be synchronized to an account like Picasa and downloaded back to your phone as doubles.

The other details do arouse suspicion of spyware installed on your phone, and your further actions will depend on whether you want to press charges against the person. The best thing is using cable Internet and mobile data for your phone at home, but if it is not possible, then just increase the password security by creating a new password for your WiFi network. If he has not touched your computer or your mobile phone, then he cannot spy on these devices.

If you wish to open a court case or want to see if you are being spied upon.

  • If there is a chance that he touched either, then you will need to check your computer for malware first. It is important not to cure the computer of malware that was supposedly installed by the person so that he is brought to court. You can use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Spybot: Search and Destroy to detect threats. Examine threats by looking them up online, and if they have to do something with spying on mobile devices or sniffing WiFi. Check if some new programs were installed on your computer.
  • Now, check your mobile phone. Does it have increased Internet traffic? Is it jailbroken or rooted (it can be told by programs like SuperSU or Cydia on your phone)? Has it become slower? Are there strange applications, or icons, installed that you have not seen before? Does it heat up and discharge faster than usual? All of these can be a sign of a spy program installed on your phone.
  • Check your house for secret cameras or devices lying around. Some people go as far as installing audio and video surveillance without consent.
  • Check your email client or other programs like social networks for IP address log-in attempts, if it is possible.

If you do not wish to open a court case and just want to stop it.

  • Cure your computer with the aforementioned programs.
  • Change your WiFi password to a more secure one.
  • Hard reset your mobile phone (see our tutorials for iPhone and Android), which will erase all of the data and spy applications.
  • Change all of your social network and email passwords to unique ones. Add extra security measures to those too (like adding a phone number for confirmations).

All on the same network, is my iPad vulnerable also?

On the same network/WiFi - is my iPad vulnerable as well?

Yes, any device connected to the same WiFi network can be compromised.

How do I check and see if I am sharing information?

I think someone has tapped my phone.it gets hot and the battery stays dead. It will have 60% battery and go dead and then I might make a call and it will echo

This sounds more like an OS/Battery issue. Replace the battery and hard reset your device. If you recently upgraded the OS, you will want to put the phone back into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition which removes conflicts from old OS to new OS.

How can we identify if any data from mobile is getting uploaded in background?

Currently my home internet has been very slow and when I checked with BB service provider they said there has been lot of uploading. but there was no uploading activity from my side. Can we identify if the mobile is been hacked or a spyware has been running on my mobile

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Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone
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I doubt someone is spying on my calls and messages,how can you help me know if its so?

I doubt,my boyfriend is spying on my calls,I here echo of which its a new phone and he's the one who did all,settings

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