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This article will be about how you can apply for a copyright on something that was originally made by you and can be prove. Getting a copyright is like putting your name on an invention so that nobody can try and invent the same thing and use it to their advantage. Once the copyright has been put in place the invention is yours from now on till the end of time. It is important to have a copyright if you are looking to sell your invention to a company for having your invention made public without a copyright can hurt you for someone else can just as quickly put a patent on your invention in their name. Also the safety a copyright provides is the safety of published projects and also unpublished projects which you are wishing to one day sell off to a company.

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Getting a Copyright

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    Contact the US Copyright office in order to get the information on what you will need to do in order to start the process of getting your works copyrighted
    If you need help finding out how to reach their services all you will need to do is visit their website in order to start the process. Their website where you can get the ball rolling on your invention is this website will connect you to their services better than being on the phone forever trying to give all your information to copyright your information. When starting the process of getting your works copyrighted then you will need to understand exactly which type of way you are wanting to apply for this copyright and also which type of work you are wanting to apply for being that the copyright steps and requirements are different depending on exactly what works you are trying to get copyrighted for your pleasure. A good thing to do if you prefer to do the process over the phone is to have all the information handy to speed up the process as quick as possible but if done over the internet you can take your time to gather all the information that you need in order to complete the process. There are different ways that you can start this process but each process requires different steps so follow along to find out the different steps in order to begin your process of getting your works copyrighted.
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    When applying through the application online you can apply through the basic copyright registration for your works to be protected
    From the application online you can either fill it out completely online or print out a hard copy of the application if you prefer to do it the old fashioned way which in some cases can prove to be an asset for you will then have a copy of the application and your work protecting it from getting released or stolen online. For each type of work that there is a separate application that you will need to complete whether it is copyright of a picture, unpublished works, published works and work involved in newspapers. These types of things can be done in the application process on both on and off line but the only difference is that you will need to separately do each application for each type of work.
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    When applying to both applications at the same time (which is what some people do to speed up the process) you will need to provide through the online service to show proof of your registered work unlike if you were to just complete the application through the standard process
    The types of works that can be copyrighted online easily are the works such as books, novels, poetry or any written literature that was created only by one person. It is very difficult for a person to complete a registration of a fully built invention which will require you to send your invention online which will be deemed impossible to do so you will need to take the standard approach when trying to publish works of this sort that cannot be sent online for a quick registration. But in fact you could send the information online but the invention by mail which can put the process into a faster motion than just using one approach.
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    When applying through mail you will need to either print out the application online or call and request for an application to be sent to you in order to perform this approach of registration
    Also with these you will need to provide a hard copy of what exactly your works include within itself in order for them to have proof and every detail of your works so that they can register every aspect of your works. The types of works that should be done through the mail process are works that have been published already, pictures or works that have been done by more than one person in particular. The reason for this process is because it will take a longer deal of time for the works to be received and also to be reviewed , versus the online way which can prove to be for new works that need to be copyrighted quickly.
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    Make sure that you send exactly what you expect not to receive for anything that is sent to the copyright bureau for everything that you send to them will not be returned after review
    So when sending your works to the company ensure that you are sending copies of your work and not your original for you will not receive your original works back no matter how much you beg and plead whatever you send understand that its gone forever. A lot of people make the mistake of sending their original work to impress the company but this is not at all the issue with dealing with the copyright company.
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    There will be a fee that you must pay depending on what time of works you are wishing to have copyrighted these fees will be told to you on the website or application depending on your specific request of works to copyrighted
    After you have fully filled out all the information required then you will send your information to the company and when you have done this you will receive a certificate that will show that your works have been copyrighted.
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