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Write a Letter of Pleading

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Appeal letter for leniency after termination of employment?

Good day,

I was terminated from employment 13 November 2015 after a disciplinary hearing for Theft/Misappropriation/unlawful possession of funds as well as withholding information.

I was found guilty and I would like to make an appeal to the company CEO, as I would like to explain that my financial situation LED to my very serious error in judgement, and I do acknowledge that I was terribly in the wrong, but the money was taken with all intention of paying it back as I was in the process of applying for a personal loan with the bank, but it had some delays which caused my reconciliation of funds to be delayed and LED to the disciplinary hearing. I would like to plead for leniency as I am a sole bread winner and have been for the past five years and losing my job will really hamper all plans I am working at to better my situation. The scariest for me is that I have a four year old daughter that needs my support. I would like to state that if reinstated I would like to make a payment plan to be able to pay back the company money. I really need to plead to get a second chance. How do I go about writing this letter? I need assistance.

Thank you.

In this letter do not make excuses. You can mention the circumstances but in a means of atonement. Plead that you are the sole support financially for your daughter and that you will not make these mistakes again. Be sure to address that you used the money as personal funds like a loan out of distress and that you should have spoken with a supervisor before you made this grave error in judgment. Make out a payment schedule and include that in the letter. You can offer that they take these payments directly out of your salary.

I am trying to compose a letter asking for leniency of the points on a speeding ticket?

Last weekend I got a speeding ticket. I was on my way to visit my 94year old mother in Syracuse from NYC. I take this trip multiple times a year, and for over 19 years I received no speeding tickets. Now I have received 2 in less than 12 months. I paid the first one but want to ask for leniency on the points assessed for this one since it might effect me renting a car. (I don't own a car). Advice is appreciated

Write a letter apologizing for not obeying the speed limit. Mention that if you receive these points you will not be able to rent a car to see your ailing grandmother. Keep it simple and clear that you wish for leniency on points but are willing to pay the fine.

Not sure how to right letter to the court for citation notice to reduce the penalty?

I got a citation for an unrestrained child in my car so need to write a letter to the court to reduce/dismiss the penalty. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Baby was not standing in car seat with no belt on

Dear Courts,

I am writing this letter as an apology for my grave error in judgment as a parent. Unfortunately, my child has learned how to undo their restraint and I am working on teaching my child to remain seated and restrained while I am driving. I am requesting leniency based on the facts that I am rectifying the error made and will not allow this again. I completely understand the need for my child to remain in their car seat and the harm that can be done if there was a vehicular accident. This was a grave error as a parent and will never happen again. In the future, I will pull immediately over and correct the behavior of my child and not move the vehicle again until I know my child will remain in the car seat.


Your Name

Can I get a sweet love letter for reconciliation?

I need a letter to my wife to clear her doubt about me cheating on her. I have tried: Just for her to trust me that I am not cheating on her, she is the only one in my life

She is feeling insecure and this is the reason for her suspecting you of cheating. Think about what behaviors have her thinking that you are cheating and correct them. Even if it means that you give up something you enjoy doing for the time being. In your letter, list 50 ways that make her better than any other woman for you. Explain how she is the most important person in your life and there is no desire to find someone else because you know they will never compare to her. Write an Apology Letter to Your Wife is a VisiHow article with suggestions to include. Even though you have nothing to apologize for you should still apologize for not showing her the attention/love that she deserves.

Give her complete access to yourself. This means volunteering information about your day without her asking. Leave your phone out unlocked for her to look through. Do not say anything about it but leave your phone and let her decide if she needs to check it. Make Your Marriage Work and Have a Happy and Contented Marriage are two VisiHow articles to read.

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Write a Letter of Pleading
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I am asking for a sample specific to a court case over children welfare if I am separating with their mother?

Having a child with this particular woman, we are now separated and she went and reported that I don't support the child while it is her that took the child from me. I also realize that this woman seems to have been planning all this (to take a child away from me) because even in the little boy's birth certificate, my name is not included as the father of the child but I never rejected the child at any point!. Help, I want to tell all this to the court authorities but they have already charged me a maintenance fee

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Declaration for Petition of Dismissal?

I need to write a declaration but I don't know what to say. I was originally charged with a felony (fraud to obtain aid) and then it was dropped to a misdemeanor because I was able to fulfill obligations. I have now completed all obligations which included paying fines/restitution, I am now trying to have it removed from my record. It's been a hardship on my family and kids due to I can not find a job. What do I put on the declaration for consideration of dismissal?

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Need to file a motion for a citation?

how to file a motion for an outstanding and balances. I have tried: Appealing to the Revenue authority that is a citation in error. I think it was caused by: Lost or stolen tags placed on another vehicle not assigned to.

You will want to be extremely specific in your request for reassessment. If you think the lost or stolen bags were placed then you will want to list out whatever details you have about the matter. If you can get the vehicle numbers and a letter from the transportation company to attach this would be even better.

"Posted no left turn. Crossed into one way center turn lane"?

Dear, could you please help me write a letter regarding my traffic ticket " Posted no left turn. Crossed into one way center turn lane".. Regards,. A. Altumi. I have tried: Nothing yet.. I think it was caused by: I am from Canada and did not realize the signs.

Dear Court,

As a tourist driving in your country, I humbly apologize for misunderstanding the traffic laws. I should have taken the time to research the laws before I drove. I know I should have heeded to the posting of no left turns and will not disobey the traffic laws in your country again. As a tourist, I am requesting leniency for any fines or points against my driving record in Canada.


Your Name

Getting back to Glasgow Caledonia University?

I was studying at Glasgow Caledonia for a year, then transferred to the University of Western Australia as my family moved here where I have studied for a year. My parents have just separated and I have to move back To Scotland. Trying to write a letter to plead with the course administrator to take on the next semester. I have tried: Phoned and was advised to write an email. I think it was caused by: My parent's separation as I can't afford to pay international fees.

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Response to the allegations of an assault?

Charged with an assault and already seeking counseling anger management n parenting class. I have tried: Seeking counseling anger/parenting/marriage counseling. I think it was caused by: Frustration got in a way

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I was driving without insurance?

I want to write a plea to the judge to be lenient with his sentence as my license is within the probation period. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Driving my wife's car

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Need to extend my payments?

Got an accident, need a letter to extend payments because of the 2 surgeries I had, got backed up on bills

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How to respectfully address city officials?

Hello our issue is with the City in which I do business. we had a tenant for operating an illegal business in the front of our building. as soon as we found out the business was illegal we went about evicting them always in contact with the city giving them updates as to where we were with the proceedings. The city still decided to take legal action and their lawyers are now charging attorney fees. This letter is to appeal to the city council members and mayor informing them that we are a small family owned business who didn't know better and would like these fees waived. I have tried: We've spoken to the lawyers and city building and safety officials. I think it was caused by: Lacking knowledge of city ordinances and laws

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Exceeding speed zones, ETC 1-10 MPH?

Hi, I want to write a letter of pleading. My ticket is showing that I was driving 45 mph in the zone which the speed limit is 35 mph. Actually, I don't even remember what was my speed at that time, and I think I am following the traffic. How should I write the pleading letter? Thanks!. I have tried: I am writing a pleading letter. I think it was caused by: I am following the traffic, and I noticing that there are two cars being pulled over, so I am distracted. Another thing I am thinking is that I am late for the baby's story time.

Dear Courts,

This letter is an apology for driving above the posted speed limit. I was following the flow of traffic and became distracted by the traffic stop that was happening at the time. In the future, I will obey all posted speed limits and try to leave with necessary time to get to my destinations.


Your Name

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