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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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Hi, I'm not sure what to do. I cannot type. Jodi my girlfriend who can't keep a job has problems interacting with others (including me), refuses to accept this and let me help. I told her some of this and some things her so called friend said about her, now I'm an evil villain who should just die and leave my pension and house to her as if that could even happen?

How do I make her understand that I care, want to help but my continued support of her has only enabling her to not change and accept changes she must make, I do love her, but nothing has made her change in the last 4 years. She always says it is me not taking responsibility

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The way you described her is not very flattering. For starters work on positively addressing issues you have with her. No one wants to have their life controlled and her issues with interacting were there probably when you first me. You accepted those issues in the beginning so four years later you are not accepting her issues and demanding a change. No wonder she is confused and attacking you right back. If you love her you need to love her completely which means flaws you think she has or the relationship will never work long term.

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Hi, yesterday I made a mistake by accusing my girlfriend of sleeping with someone which made her think I don't trust her, now things are tense?

Hi, yesterday I make a mistake by accusing my girlfriend of sleeping with someone which made her think I don't trust her, now things are tense.

Apologize for the jealousy and show her that you do trust her. When you accused her of cheating, you were telling her that you did not trust her. It is human nature to get jealous, especially if you have insecure feelings.

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Hello, how do I support my girlfriend in this time where her children are being contested?

I screwed up last Thursday, when she received the news, I should have been by her side regardless, and I wasn't.

"I screwed up last Thursday" is a good way to start the conversation. Custody issues are one of the most frightening times for a parent. You need to offer your support now and let her know that you will be there to support her in the future in any way you can. Perhaps provide her with a more stable environment to prove that you are here no matter what.

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What can I tell my girlfriend for not providing her with her rent money?

I promised to pay her rent this month, but lately, most of my businesses did not work out for me this month, so she is so mad at me

You took a feeling of security from her. It was a nice gesture to offer to pay her rent and to her, it feels like you ripped away the security of knowing that she would be financially okay that month. Unfortunately, because your businesses are not doing well you have upset her and to apologize you need to sit her down and show her why you can't pay her rent. If you are not living there as well she should eventually understand that things were not financially right at the time.

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Come up with a plan to improve your businesses and ask her for input. This will make her feel that she is involved in solving the rent crisis between you two.

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Get your girlfriend to forgive
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I want to apologize for not calling her for 2 weeks now?

I want to apologize for not calling her for 2 weeks now

Two weeks is a long time not to communicate with someone who is supposed to be important in your life. List the reasons for such a long length of time of no contact and make it a point to call her more in the future if you really like her.

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It started after she finished writing her exams, she started to complain that I have changed, up to now she told me that she no longer has the same feeling for me, she always replies to me rudely, l always try to talk to her nicely. But seems it is not working and l love my girl.

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She has already checked out of the relationship emotionally. Now you are just an annoyance to her that she is not strong enough to break free from. Suggest that you both have a month long time out from each other. Then revisit 30 days later and see if the feelings are still the same. Sometimes absence does make the heart grow fonder but the caution is that it may not stay that way. We always want what we can't have. That is just human nature. A break will do both of you good though because there has just been toxic push and pull right now in your relationship.

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On the matter of distrust, speak with her like an open book. Let her go through your phone. Do not delete things unless in front of her. Do everything you can to let her trust you. It sounds as if she is using the distrust as an excuse to distance herself emotionally from you. See if you can remove that obstacle to get to the actual issue in your relationship.

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Want to say sorry to her for not picking up her calls?

We've been friends for about 2 decades, and I like her a lot. Want to actually propose sometime soon but just recently I had a bad day myself and because of that, I didn't attend to my WhatsApp messages from when she tried checking up on me and also didn't return her calls that same day. I finally called her back to explain why l couldn't respond to her messages and calls and l apologized for what I did, but now I am trying to reach her on calls and other media and she is not responding."WHAT SHOULD I DO"

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Ask her if she too is having a bad day. She may just be busy or she may be doing the silent treatment as a way of showing you how it feels. Tell her that you value being in contact with her and that you are sorry for the way you behaved towards her on your rough day. Thank her for the concern that she showed you when she tried to contact you.

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Just be honest. You currently do not have the money. Although she will be disappointed your honesty will help her understand. Make other plans for her to visit and then set yourself up a saving plan. For instance, $20 set aside for 10 weeks. If you need to, then send her that $20 so she knows you are working towards the new goal.

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What should I say to convince her that I feel sorry for my wrong doings?

I hurt her so badly for being so harsh the way I answered her questions

What were the reasons for responding so harshly? Figure out how to work on those reasons so that it does not happen in the future with her. Give her the option to ask what she needed to and answer her respectfully this time.

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I lied to her about my identity but she found out later and she is so mad at me?

I lied to her about my identity but she found out later and so she is mad at me

Lying about your identity is a big trust violation. If you lied about your identity then what else did you lie about? For her, she will be re thinking everything you ever said to her about yourself. If you really want a relationship with her, you should ask for a completely new start where you are yourself from the very beginning. You may need to provide proof of things you are telling her about yourself. Be patient because trust is a hard thing to earn back after it has been taken.

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How to say a sincere sorry to her?

My problem is that my girlfriend doesn't want to hang out with me because she is tired, but I found that she is chatting with some other boy so I got angry because that is the reason why she didn't want to hang out with us. I have tried: I just want to say sorry to her and I love you. I think it was caused by: My anger

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You caught her chatting to another guy when she told you she was tired. Anyone would be angry about that. Instead of apologizing, you need to ask her why she lied to you and what her reasons are for speaking to someone else. Perhaps her reasons are something that you need to apologize for instead.

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How do I say sorry for assuming you drank alcohol?

I accused my girlfriend of drinking alcohol because she smelt like straight up alcohol. I have tried: I love you and I'm sorry. I think it was caused by: Me accusing her of drinking alcohol

Ask yourself how controlling you have been about other things in her life. Your accusations were probably just a tipping point for other issues if she is still mad at you. You have apologized and that is a good start. Contact some of her friends and plan a surprise night out for her. This might help her feel less monitored by you. Stop yourself from criticizing her in the future. Try to consider how you would feel if she said it to you before you say it to her.

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What do I do to fix this and how do I make myself not be so mean?

I made her have a bad day and like she says I have changed

When you start to get frustrated either walk away from her or count to 10 before you speak. It is easy for us to take out all of our stress on those closest to us. If she says you have changed then you need to figure out what is causing that change whether it be stress at work or unhappiness at home. If you can't think of how you are being mean then ask her for examples. It can be easy to come off as mean when we just meant to give advice.

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