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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)

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What happens if it is on a Chromebook?

Like the VBA M is on Chromebook, how will I cheat?

The VisiHow Article on this page mentions how to put cheat codes into your VBA even if you are using a Chromebook using .clt files.

How to trade duskull to dusknoir?

How to evolve my duskull to dusknoir

In Level 37 you will have to trade with Reapers Cloth to get Dusknoir.

How long will it take to hatch the bad egg?

How long will it take to hatch the bad egg?

If you used a cheat code it should work right away but these eggs rarely hatch and if they do the game freezes usually.

How do I get passed the lass girl with the breeloom?

It glitches and freezes every time. I have tried: Everything possible. I think it was caused by: I don't know first time playing this game

[[waper.ru/file/1865329/ Download] rom to begin a new game, or [[waper.ru/file/1865331/ download] with a .sav file to continue from the girl.The .sav file needs to go in folder E:/data/others/vBag. In the game press Continue. This will help you get past the bug that originally came with the game.

More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: What are cheats for Pokemon glazed version

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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)
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My bag is FULL and I can't fill anything!

My bag is full with Rare candy before (it change all of my item into Rare candy). Now, I can't fill anything in my bag even if the bag is empty. (Just in the item pocket), I've tried to put something in the bag, but it says my bag is full. I'm so confused. What should I do? I play this game in my phone.

Restart the game. If this does not work for unlimited items then input the Master Code 97726CAE9184 8F7AAA5C15FE B85E5A770386.

So , GO to the site and scroll down? and you'll see the versions?

Scroll down and ask me? What's the problem ? I'm MR.BLUE. I have tried: Yes... I think it was caused by: There's no cause ..

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Exp. Share? How do I get unlimited?

I'm trying to get experience share but it's not working

At this time you can only get up to 1,000 Experience Shares.

How can I trade on a GPemu emulator on a Chromebook?

Hi I own a Chromebook and was looking to trade with myself from another Chromebook but am on GPemu and they won't connect to each other. What do I do? I need to trade on a chromebook and it wont connect. I have tried: Opening different Chromebooks to GPemu and tried to connect in the trading booth but won't connect. I think it was caused by: Being on a Chromebook emulator because I have never traded on one of the Chromebook before and it cannot work for some reason.

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