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Can you check on a cheating spouse

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My boyfriend is living in another state. Over the weekend he was in town with me but texting someone, not sure who. Is there a way I can check into this without him knowing I have spied on his texts?

Can I see his previous texts without having access to his phone

For any legitimate spy app to work, it needs to be installed directly onto your boyfriend's device. The next time you see him, you can purchase a spy app such as Spyera and install it on his device. Are you not comfortable with asking your boyfriend about who he was texting? You should explain that his behavior seemed like he was not focusing his time with you by texting someone else. Then ask who was more important than you that he needed to text the whole time.

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Is this app totally free or is there hidden costs?

I have been on several different websites to try and see if I can catch my husband cheating but every time it goes to final step there is always a fee, I don't have a credit or debit card, he has them

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There are spy apps that will allow you to pay with PayPal, Highster Mobile is one of them. No spy app that actually works will be free. Some offer limited free trials but will still want a way to auto bill you after the trial.

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I thought it was free and need to know because there are kids involved?

I think she's cheating and I need to know as I have much to lose. I have tried: Everything but she knows the bills coming in so don't want it to show up on credit card. I think it was caused by: She's a party girl now that wants freedom but we have kids

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You have your answer that she is about to check out of this relationship. The sudden change in behavior does not necessarily mean she is cheating but it does mean that she is displaying inappropriate actions. You need to sit her down and speak with her about how she made the choice to be a mother and wife. These decisions involve growing up and moving out of the party atmosphere. While going out with friends from time to time is okay, a routine habit forming is not. Ask her what is causing this reaction. This will be the only way to possibly save the relationship.

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Is there any chance I can get access to a contact on one of his mobiles?

Hi I know he is not honest and lying to me all the time, I'm hurt beyond words but I can't leave him because I have no evidence of him cheating and he is a master manipulator. I'm starting to have heartburn and medical problems due to this depression and I'm alone. I want to find out if there is any chance I can get access to a contact on one of his mobiles because if he is lying to me then he is lying to the other girl as well. I have tried: I have asked him directly, spoke to him and he promised there's nothing. One time he was on a vacation with me in Greece and I caught him texting on his mobile whenever I'm not around or him in the toilet. He keeps lying to me and manipulating everything whenever I question him. I think it was caused by: He is 50 and I'm 31, I think he loves me but he cheats on me on another mobile. I don't know why he would do this whilst telling me he isn't and he's honest.

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You need to just leave him. Why are you putting yourself through all this turmoil that is now causing health related issues? No man is ever worth that. You have stated that he is a master manipulator. Saying something like that about someone you are dating means that you need to end the relationship. There is no future for the two of you if you feel this way about him. I would not waste any money on a spy app for this man. You have your real answer already in that he is toxic in your life and needs to be avoided. Would you eat something that made you sick on a daily basis? No. You would avoid that food. Some people LOVE chili but it causes heartburn when they eat it. These same people will avoid chili so that they do not get heartburn.

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I need to get into my boyfriend Facebook but I always trusted him till now?

My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is posting all over his wall and I am afraid he is cheating. I asked her to stop but she said no. oh and my boyfriend said he blocked her

Ask to see that your boyfriend unfriended her. Also, if his profile is set to Public. If they share mutual friends, then she can still post to him on a mutual friend's page. You should also tell him to block her in Messenger if he has this app. There is nothing worse than an ex who will not get the hint. Tell your boyfriend that her interference is destroying your trust in him. Request that all contact stop or you will leave. Also, be careful in the event this ex next decides to go after you either on social media or in person.

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How do I find the time frame on Google reversal pic search information showing my fianceé was contacted by another woman?

How find time frame of Google pic found

When you click on the image, it will show what website it came from. Go to that website and usually there will be some sort of date/time stamp. Dating app users use Google Reverse Image all the time to find clues about their prospective dates.

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My fiance and I separated 6 months ago after living together for years?

I'd like to know if my ex is still talking to his lover before committing. I have tried: Questioned him. I think it was caused by: No clue

If he is back with you and committed to marrying you, then you should not have to worry about the other woman. He chose you to spend the rest of his life with. Relax and enjoy this time as a couple instead of dwelling on the past. If you have serious reservations about his fidelity in the relationship, call the wedding off and end the relationship. You should not feel worried about his ex on your wedding day.

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My boyfriend has moved and claims he is with his brother in Washington?

My boyfriend has moved and claims he is with his brother in Washington. How can I find out?. I have tried: Calls, text messages

Check his social media to see if there are any location stamps in his posts. You can also say that you would like to share locations with an app that both of you can install on your devices. Tell him it is so that you can feel like you are will him and vice versa. Set him up as a Google Trusted Contact and yourself as one. You can say you would like it for if there is an emergency.

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Does this put a virus on either of our computers?

I want to check on my relationship. I have tried: Talking. I think it was caused by: ?

A spy app is like a virus in that it monitors everything you do on the device. But it is easily removed unlike a virus and does not cause harm to the device. Now, there are scam apps available that could possibly install a virus instead of a spy app so use a reputable all such as the many that are listed in the article and on this page.

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Every day he goes to Gym even on public holidays?

Is he cheating because I find it odd for someone to go to the gym every day and he always takes care of his cellphone, its always on vibration and when we sleep at night it's always faced down on top of a clothing

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Some people are just super regimented in their workout routine. You know those joggers you see on the road in horrid weather conditions? That is probably your boyfriend. For many people, exercise is a way to feel in control of your body as well as a way to relieve stress. It can also become a habit or daily routine. Do not assume he is cheating on you, instead offer to go to the gym with him. Try to take an interest in something that he is so passionate about. Next holiday, offer to go with him.

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How do I know if he is committed?

I just got with someone yesterday. He says he really likes me. How should I know ? Should I be worried ?. I have tried: I just asked him but not really giving me much information. I think it was caused by: My friend's ex

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You just met him. Wait until after the third date before you begin wondering if he likes you the way that you like him. While some will say that it was love at first sight, there is no real commitment until you have been dating for at least one year. By then you know all the good and bad about each other and still choose to stay in the relationship. He is not going to give you much information because he just literally started looking at you in terms of someone he is interested in. If you push him for answers, he may run away as fast as he can to avoid someone who is emotionally insecure.

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How do I know if he's over me or if he is just busy/tired?

I just feel like he's over me at times. taking 8-20 hrs to respond. I mean I know he's working, but is someone really THAT busy?

When someone feels overtaxed in time between work and other duties, the relationship can be pushed off to the side. This could either mean that he is secure in your relationship and feels he does not need to work on it, or he is not interested anymore. If you have been together for a long time, then it is probably comfort and not disinterest. Keep in mind, that many who are overwhelmed do not want to reach out to anyone at the end of their long day.

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