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When you have been living in a big city, it can be difficult to adjust to living in a small town. Your life can be turned upside down, if you don't prepare yourself for the changes you will face. This article can help with the big move from the city, to life in a small town. Although it will be different, you may find living in a small town not all bad. Just as living in the big city has its advantages, so does living in a small town. Knowing what to expect will help make your move a successful and smooth transition.

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    Mingle with the local residents
    It's important when living in a small town, to make friends and get to know your new community. People are your best asset to small town living. Get to know the people who work at local stores, school staff, and other people you connect with in the town. Going to well-populated places like diners, cafés and the local library will put you in a situation to meet people in the town, and they can, in turn, introduce you to more people. Creating this kind of bond with the people in the town will make your life fuller. Your new friends can help you adjust to small town living. Gaining a good reputation in the town may lead to opportunities in employment, and other aspects of your life. As soon as you start connecting with people in your new town, you will find out about things that are going on. They'll let you know about what's going on. Festivals, theater, community events, etc., are all things that will improve your quality of life.
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    Unlike a big city where people often keep to themselves, socializing is very important to life in a small town
    Step outside of your comfort zone, and introduce yourself to people, or volunteer. Don't be shy about striking up a conversation with a stranger. Whether you are at your child's school, the grocery store, a park, or just walking your dog, you will be able to make friends. By talking to a person outside of your kid's school, you might learn about the teachers, extra-curricular activities, and more. Finding out things like, "which teachers are the best", can prepare you for your future in the town.
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    Go sight seeing and get to know the town
    You may find scenic and pleasant spots you would like to explore further. Get to know the town inside and out, and you will be able to enrich your life with places to go and things to do. If necessary, ask local residents about the town's landmarks, and ask them about their favorite spots to visit or hang out. This will not only give you some ideas, but it will also show others that you are interested in getting to know the town, and it may get you an invitation to join others on an outing to one of the town's favorite spots.
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    Your neighbors are the best people to talk to, when moving a new town
    These will be the people you will deal with the most. They can be a big help in advising you about what to do around the town. Your neighbors will help you with all kinds of things, and it's important to get on their good side right away. No matter where you live, if you are not friendly with your neighbors, it can become a serious issue that could last as long as you live there. Having an angry neighbor can limit your happiness, and cause a lot of stress for everyone concerned. It can result in them making unnecessary noise complaints, being rude to your guests, etc., and in a small town, this kind of news will spread quickly, and your reputation will be damaged, making new friends, more of a challenge. Making a bad first impression is not the best way to start your life in a small town.
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    Invite your neighbors and new acquaintances over for a get together
    This will show them your keen to make friends, and desire to become part of the community. It will give you the opportunity to get to know each other, and will help you form a bond with people in the area. Social situations, like a dinner party, will create a situation where you will learn who might become a best friend, and who you would rather keep at arm's length. At the same time, they will be reviewing your actions and character, and making the same decisions about you. It's human nature.
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Questions and Answers

How does moving to a different town help you in life?

  • Chances of Knowing New People. While we leave our old friends and neighbors behind, moving to another town can actually help us widen our circle of friends. Relationships in small towns are much more close-knitted than big cities, thus there is a possibility you might find your best friend (if you don't have one yet). More friends can provide you with more connections for both your social life, and your work life.
  • Adapt To Small Town Living. Moving to a new town means living in a different world where everything seems new, especially when you move from a big city to a small town. Your social adaptability will be challenged here, unless you have a job where moving from town to town is usual.
  • You Learn to Appreciate Small Things in Life. Moving to a smaller town helps you become more attentive to things around you, even the newly painted fence of your next-door neighbor. This doesn't mean you have to mind everyone's business, but you get to appreciate all things around you. The family that picnics in the town park every Thursday, or the pretty blooms in Mrs. Roger's garden " these things become more interesting to you; things you usually didn't pay attention to when you were in bigger city, as there are more distractions there.
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Moving to a new town can affect us in positive ways. Below are some things that tend to improve your life after moving to a small town:

  • The distance from home to work is shorter. Some people relocate to a smaller town to reduce travel time to work.
  • More peaceful neighborhood. Some people are attracted to the peaceful nature of a small town, after become frustrated in the noisy neighborhoods in the big city.
  • Cleaner environment which is imperative to people who have certain health issues. Leaving a polluted town for a cleaner town will especially help people with breathing issues, such as asthma.
  • Some people crave a simpler life, with less stress.

The above-mentioned are some reasons why people move to a smaller town, intent on improving their lives.

Why is it easier to get to know your neighbors in a smaller town?

Because of the small population, it's more likely that you will get to know all or most of the people living in your town. You never have to go far to socialize and mingle with others.

There are many reasons to move to a different town. Moving to a new town may improve your life by some of the following reasons:

  • Work-related Issues. Some people have a very long commute to work, taking 1 to 2 hours daily, or more, which leaves them feeling tired and stressed. A long commute also steals so much time from your life. Moving to a new town will alleviate all these things, including traffic jams, crowded trains, getting up early and getting home late.
  • Family Issues. There are also some negative aspects to living with their in-laws or relatives. They might feel that their actions are being watched and controlled by their relatives and they may feel suffocated. Moving into a new town will give them room to breathe, and make them feel independent, which is very empowering.
  • Religious Issues. Some people are very religious. Often times they travel to a distant town just to attend a religious activity. By moving on to a different town, they are making themselves more available to their religious works.
  • Safety Issues. If the town you are currently living in has a lot of violence and crime, we will be afraid, anxious and stressed all the time. By moving to smaller, more peaceful town, you will feel less stress, and be more relaxed.
  • Health Issues. Moving to a new town can help people, especially if they have certain health conditions like asthma. Respiratory issues are more prominent in a bigger city where there is more traffic resulting in more pollution.
  • Environmental Issues. This is also why some people move to a different town. People who live in polluted towns, may be adversely affected by the environment, making them feel sick and lethargic. Often moving to a smaller town, improves many aspects of your health.
  • Opportunities. Leaving your town and moving to another one is indeed hard. You will be sacrificing a lot of things, but gaining others. Some of the opportunities when moving to a new town are:
    • Better work and workplace - You may find it hard to apply for a new job, but if you persevere, initiate connections, and do your best, you may find a more rewarding job in the new town you moved to. If you've moved to a new town without a job prospect, and you're having trouble finding something in your area of expertise, you might want to set your career path in a different direction. Be open to change.
    • Love Life - Finding a partner in life is really hard, especially if the town you are living in doesn't have many potential suitors. Moving to another town will afford you opportunities to meet new people, and hopefully find someone special to share your life with.
    • Self Development/Improvement - Moving to a new town makes it possible for you to engage in things that may contribute to the enhancement of your skills, talents, physical attributes, and even your personality. To find these, you must participate in the community and events. This will allow you to build new connections, and make new friends that may help you in all these areas. When you move to a new town, there's a sense of 'starting over', which can be wonderful!
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  • Calamities. Sometimes it is essential for a person or their entire family to move to another town. Perhaps there was a disaster where they lived, or something horrible happened, making the move necessary, but not necessarily a move that is desired. Although the move may improve all of their lives, it's not an easy thing to uproot an entire family, especially in extreme circumstances, when the decision to move might be very quick. There may be elderly people in your family, or young kids, or perhaps you are leaving a lucrative business behind, but if this is the situation, the move will not be easy, but for all the reasons already mentioned your lives will inevitably be better. Make friends, socialize and be patient.

People in small towns know each other?

Because the town is small, and there aren't that many people living there, it's much easier to know all or most of the people living in the town. This can be comforting and make you feel safe. There is more interaction between people in a small town. It's a place where everyone knows your name.

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Is living in a small town difficult?

There are advantages and disadvantages living in a small town. Here are some advantages:

  • Because of its tiny population, you get to know everyone living in the town.
  • It's not so crowded, not so noisy, and has much cleaner air. Because everyone knows everyone, their anonymity, and people treat each other better and tend to be better behaved. There is a lot less crime in smaller towns.
  • The people who live in small towns, tend to the full attention of the government officials there, giving them the support they need.
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Here are the disadvantages:

  • Because of the tiny population, the manpower is not very powerful, and certain services will not be as effective as a bigger city, like snow removal.
  • It can become boring. What begins as charming, as seeing the same people every day can become tedious.
  • Because of the small population, you might feel the government has their eye on every person in that town.

It can be difficult living in a small town if you are a person who is used to living in a big city or town. You might feel exposed, and that everyone knows too much about you, and is always in your business.

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Complaints of small towns?

Since it is a small area and people tends to know each other, rumors spread quite easily. Secrets are hard to keep when you live in smaller towns. Another thing about small towns, the facilities are not as sophisticated as the ones found in bigger towns or cities. You will probably have to be content with one convenience store, a small community hospital, one or two restaurants and a couple of churches. You will also notice the hours of operation are a lot less than in larger cities. The larger stores you are familiar with will no longer be familiar with will no longer be available to you, without a drive to a bigger town.

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How hard is it to move into a new town you don't know?

Moving into a new town can be very stressful if you aren't prepared. Relax! You need to do a little research, which you are doing now, as you are reading this and money. Thanks to the World Wide Web, asking your friends or people you've just met in the new town is not the only way to become informed. Use the internet to connect with other people in the same situation, or to 'visit' the town you're moving to. Find out everything you can before you move.

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  • If you don't have a new job yet, check online for job positions in the city you're going to. If you cannot find any information regarding available jobs in the town, contact the HR departments of the local companies. You should also check the employment rate in the town, which will give you an idea of the chance of you finding a good job quickly.
  • Estimate the amount of money you have. Don't leave the old place without money if possible, and ensure that you have enough funds to survive about a month if you don't have work.
  • Find out about the hospitals, schools, libraries, cultural venues, bars and restaurants, entertaining places, cinemas, etc.
  • Every new beginning is difficult, but if you're communicative and friendly, it's a very good start to a new life.
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Getting married there while I have always lived in a developed city? is it difficult?

Regarding settling down in life

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I just moved to a small town - how do I adjust?

I just moved to a small town of 19,000 to be with my long term partner as he is attending school here. I've never lived in a town this small before, and I am finding job prospects to be very slim (I've been working in the Travel Industry for the last 7 years and there are no opportunities to do that here). So far, I'm miserable and really mourning my job I quit to come here and wondering if I made a huge mistake. I don't know what to do.

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I'm looking for the name of the small towns on the Oregon, California border by the ocean and I believe it has a flag in it, can you help me?

I already stated in the phrases above. Can you help me or not

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Hi, how can I get a head start and maintain a positive attitude towards moving?

I'm a bit worried that I might struggle to find a job, let alone enjoy the place. I'm moving with my mother and I'm just a bit terrified cause I am leaving home for the first time in 26 years.

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