Adjust the Road Bike Seating Position

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. Today I'm going to demonstrate the correct seat position for my body in order to show how you should set up your bike. This will help to prevent injury and make your riding experience as comfortable as possible.

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    You should position the seat to a height so that your leg, when extended on the pedal at the bottom, is extended in this manner
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    It should not be fully extended, like this
    If you overextend the leg, if the seat is too high, it could cause muscle pain and Achilles problems.
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    It also should not be partially extended, like this
    If the seat is too low, and the knee is only partially extended, this could also cause problems or even injury because the muscles and tendons are not functioning as efficiently as possible.
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    You should always test the bike after you've adjusted the seat to see if it feels correct and comfortable
    If you have any discomfort or your leg is in the wrong position, make further adjustments. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them in the section below. You have been watching VisiHow. Thanks and Goodbye.
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Video: Adjust the Road Bike Seating Position

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