Adjust Volume and Switch to Silent Mode the Samsung Galaxy Note

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The Samsung Galaxy Note was the first of its kind, a hybrid of a smartphone and Tablet, or "phablet". The technology of the Galaxy Note is remarkable, in that their engineers have made it so easy to use. Instructions of how to adjust the volume, and also how to switch over to silent mode on the Samsung Galaxy Notes 1, 2, and the incredible 3 will be provided here. Instructions are explicit with a few photos showing essential keys in case your Samsung Galaxy Note is new to you.

How to change the volume on your Samsung Galaxy Note

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    For higher volume, press the Volume button at the top.
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    For lower volume, press the Volume button at the bottom.
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    For changing the menu system volume, just tap "Applications".
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    Scroll to "Settings" and tap.
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    Tap "Sound".
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    Tap "Volume"
    1. If you want to lower the volume of any media, move the slider to the left for any media, such as games, music, and video.
    2. To lower the volume of the ring tone, touch and glide the slider for ring tone left.
    3. To lower the volume of Notifications, move the slider for notifications left.
    4. To lower the volume of the system, move the slider for system left.
    5. To increase the volume of these applications, move the sliders to the right.
      Samsung Galaxy Note- Adjusting Volume.png
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You can change the volume setting for all functions of your Galaxy Note by adjusting the volume settings in your main menu panel.

Galaxy Note to Silent Mode.jpg

How to Turn your Silent Mode On or Off

To shut off all auditory signals, turn on your Silent Mode. Follow these simple instructions for enabling or disabling the Galaxy Note Silent Mode.

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    To turn the Silent Mode on
    Press the lower end of the Volume button until you see the "Silent Mode" icon pop up. Notice that the long Volume button is near the top at the side of the Galaxy Note in the photo.
    To turn Silent Mode off: Press the upper portion of the "Volume" button until the "Silent Mode" icon disappears.
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    By pressing the upper end of the Volume button, you also raise the ring volume.
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    Note that the Silent Mode cannot be turned on with the Volume button if Vibration is turned on
    If turned on, your Galaxy will vibrate whenever you have an incoming call. To turn off/on the Vibration:  
    1. Go to Vibration setting, then tap Applications > Settings > Sound > Vibration. Under Vibration there is now a menu with these selections: Always, Never, Only in Silent Mode, or Only when not in Silent Mode.
    2. To turn vibration on, you must tap one of either "Always, Only in Silent Mode," or "Only when not in Silent Mode."
    3. To turn the Vibration off, tap "Never".
    4. By choosing the "Always" or "Only in Silent Mode", while you are in silent mode, you will turn on the Vibration setting as an option.
    5. You can now exit. Press the "Home" button for standby. Notice the Home button is at the bottom of the front in the photo.
      Samsung Note Home Key.jpg
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Questions and Answers

Where do I go to turn off my silent mode?

I can't hear my phone when it rings

If following step 3 to disable vibration and then pressing the volume-up button does not help, then you may have a third-party application that controls the volume. You need to locate it and either uninstall or change the volume in the application itself. To find the application, press the home button and tap on "Apps", "Settings", "Application manager", and "DOWNLOADED". There, try to find the perpetrator and tap on it to uninstall it (it can be something obvious like Volume Control +).

Hello. I need help getting my ringer to adjust with the volume keys?

My phone did an update this morning and now I can't change my ringer to silent by using my volume keys. Can you help me get it back to that please? I have a Galaxy S6.. I have tried: I have gone through all of my settings and messed with those and looked on Google and asked questions but I can't figure it out.. I think it was caused by: There was an update that ran on my phone this morning.

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