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If you're interested in making your video more dramatic, you should try adding music to it. Videos without music are just plain silly, or at least very bland. Having your pictures move isn't good enough, but adding sound will make it much better! In this "how to", I will show you how to add music to your video, for the low, low price of free!

Things you should know

  • There are tons of video editors out there, and by that I mean TONS, most of which will only offer you so-called "free" software and yet will bombard you with hundreds of other offers. Some of them will even force-feed your computer with installers that come with their application. In order to avoid that, we will use the "most trusted, easiest user interface video editing program on earth", which also happened to come free with the operating system you are using now. Yes... Windows Movie Maker 2013. And one more thing, take my word for it: This will be easy as 1-2-3.


  1. 1
    Download and Install Windows Movie Maker
    Before you can start putting any music in your video, you must first download an installer of WMM (Windows Movie Maker) on your computer. I recommend you download only from the original Windows website, Otherwise you can end up with third party installers and worse, malware. If you are already using Windows operating system, you can simply open the movie maker application, On your start menu, type "movie maker" and Windows will automatically show the icon to you. Click on it and wait for the program to start.
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    Insert Your Video
    Now that you are in the program itself, you can now start editing your video. But first, insert the file in the time frame. To do this, click the "Add videos and photos" tab under the toolbar, or in a new project, simply click the time-frame area that reads "Add videos and photos" to start adding in files. After choosing an option to input a video file, a separate tab will appear. Simply select your video and Movie Maker will now add it in the time-frame.
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  3. 3
    Insert Your Music
    After selecting and adding your video file in WMM, you can now select music to overlap the file (WMM does not allow adding music file first before an audio or video file). To add music to your project, simply click the "Select the add music" tab right next on the "Add videos and photos" tab, under the toolbar. After your click, a window will appear in which you can search your computer for a music file. (See below.)
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    See, it's that easy, and now your video contains corresponding music, so feel free to choose your song, depending on the project you are working on. Windows Movie Maker also allows you to to save your project on the fly (which means WMM will not render the file, and it will simply save it with the audio as it is). There are also options wherein you can instantaneously upload and share your project on the internet. Currently supported sites are SkyDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, and Flickr. When saving your project, you can likewise select a quality or device, which will greatly provide for resolution fitting.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • You can always tweak your project to your liking, so get crazy, be creative and let the ideas flow!
  • Saving your project from time to time is wise, as you might be interrupted while working.
  • Adjusting to Windows Movie Maker can take time if you're new to it, so be patient.
  • Saving your project to a specific format will save you time, and can help avoid resolution problems (e.g. PSP, Zune, and iPhone formats).

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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