Add Watermark to Word 2010 Using Hotkeys

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. In this video, I'm going to show you how to add a watermark to a Microsoft Word document in MSWord 2010. To do this, I'm going to be using the hotkey command, which is the Alt button in this case. So the first thing we're going to do is press the Alt button. As you can see, it's brought up a selection of letters at the top section. I need Page Layout, which is selected using the P key.

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    This brings up the Page Layout section
    Within the Page Layout section, there are more subheadings and they are also represented by letters. I need to use the Watermark section, so that is P and W. So if I press Password, this brings up the watermark options.
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    In the watermark options, there are some standard pre-existing options such as Confidential
    I can use the arrow keys to select the Confidential, Do Not Copy. I can select them pressing Enter and they will appear across the page. Also in this section, if you can see at the bottom there are some options. There's more watermarks from Office, Custom Watermark, or Remove Watermark.If you want to customize a watermark, which is selected using the W key, this brings up another box and there are a number of options. One of them, pressing Down to select them, if you have a pre-existing picture that you've made, you can add this picture very easily. If you want to write something yourself, we can do that. The language is English, press Tab to scroll through them. ASP, I don't want that, so I want to delete that. I'm going to write "Mine Mine Mine" so everyone knows it's mine. One of the options is to make it semi-transparent or not. Normally if you have a watermark, you probably want it to be semi-transparent if it's running all the way across the page. For this example, I'm not going to make it semi-transparent because you are going to see it in the video, it's too light.
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    So I'm going to change the color
    I'm going to make it dark so that you can see it. Press Enter, press Tab again, and then press Space to stop making it semi-transparent. Press Tab again. I want to Apply this, so press Enter.
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    As you can see below, the watermark has changed color
    It's now a darker color and you can see it. To finish this, I can press Close by pressing Tab to get to the Close option. You can also change the layout here, diagonal or horizontal. I'm going to press Enter to close the section.
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    Now you can see that the watermark appears all the way over the page
    This is how to insert a watermark or a custom watermark into a Word document in Microsoft Word 2010 using hotkey commands.
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Video: Add Watermark to Word 2010 Using Hotkeys

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