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The Samsung Galaxy is the number one mobile device in the world. There are many reasons for its immense popularity. One reason is that it is more versatile than other smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S3, for example, has seven home screens by default. It is remarkable because it is also so user friendly. The Galaxy S3 is loaded with applications and widgets. You can easily remove any of them, rearrange them, and even add to the many apps on those home screens. You can even delete entire home screens and add new ones. Let's begin to make some of those changes here so that you can personalize your Galaxy S3 now.

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How You can Add or Remove a Home Screen on your Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. 1
    To add to, or remove one of your seven home screens, you must go to the selected home screen's "editing screen"
    1. At the chosen home screen, just touch your Galaxy S3 screen and hold for a moment until the "Home screen" menu appears. On the menu, tap the "Add to Home screen" tab.
      Galaxy S3 Seven Home Screens
    2. Tap the "Page" tab at the bottom of this menu.
    3. Instantly, all of the home screens will pop up on your screen. You will be able to manipulate the home screens as you wish: Delete, Edit, and/or Arrange.
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    How to delete a home screen
    1. Select the home screen that you desire to remove with a finger touch.
    2. Drag the home screen icon to the trashcan icon at the bottom center of the screen. A message will pop up, saying, "Remove home screen page". You will have a choice to tap "Cancel" or "OK". Tap "OK" to delete the home screen.
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    How to add a new home screen
    1. After deleting a home screen, a blank screen will pop up in its place. It will have a (+) in the corner.
    2. Tap the blank home screen, and it will appear on the home screen's "editing screen".
    3. You will be able to customize your new home screen with desired apps and widget icons.
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    How to add an application icon to a new home screen on your Galaxy S3
    1. You can create a shortcut to an app by just long pressing (touching and holding with your finger) the new home screen.
    2. On the menu, tap "Add to home screen".
    3. Now select the "Apps" tab.
    4. From the "Apps", choose the application icon that you want to add onto your new personalized home screen.
    5. Choose and drag the apps icon that you want on your new home screen. It will be a shortcut to your application. You can drag apps to other spots on the home screen page, or even drag them to another home screen.
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    How to add a widget icon to your new home screen
    1. From the "Add to home screen" tab, after you tap the "Apps" tab, you will have an "Apps" tab and a "Widgets" tab at the top of the screen.
    2. Tap the "Widgets" tab.
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    Another way to add a widget
    1. Tap the Apps icon in the lower right corner of the home screen. It looks like a square of an array of 4 X 4 tiny squares.
    2. Tap "Widgets" at the top right of the home screen.
    3. Long press your chosen widget, and drag it to your new screen. Just lift your finger once it is in the desired spot.
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How to rearrange your home screens

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    Among your home screens, the home screen in the center is the default one
    In other words, it will be the home page that will appear when you turn on your Galaxy S3. You can change your default home screen, and also rearrange your other six home screens.  
    1. Just long press any chosen home screen.
    2. Now you can drag it to the desired spot on your screen.
    3. To ensure that it is going to stay in your new location, exit the "editing mode", then swipe the home screens.
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How to change your default (located in the center ) home screen

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    Your default home screen is typically in the center of the screen, showing all seven home screens
    Out of the box, it will be the one with the "Clock/Weather" icon. To have another home screen as your default:  
    1. First, you will see a tiny "House" icon at the top right corner of each of your home screens.
    2. Tap the House icon of your desired new default screen.
    3. When you touch the icon, it will change to blue.
    4. Instantly, a message will appear, saying that your default home screen has just changed.
    5. The desired home screen will replace the original default home page with the "Clock/Weather" icon.
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With the above procedures, you can customize your Galaxy S3 for your personal use. You now can have your seven home screen pages show up in the desired sequence when you swipe through them. You can also add and delete app shortcuts and widgets to suit your personal needs.

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Questions and Answers

I have downloaded clock but keeps telling to get widget to your home screen?

How and where do I go to get that widget?

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Adding Shortcuts of applications on Samsung Galaxy A3 6?

I have Samsung Galaxy A3 6. Often the shortcuts of the applications disappear. How can these be added again.. I have tried: I checked through the "Settings" but could not find.

To add shortcuts for applications, first press the home button. Then, in the lower-right corner, tap on the "Apps" icon with white boxes. Find the application that you want to place on the home screen. You can do it by swiping the screen left and right. Once you have found the application, tap and hold it. Then, drag it to an empty space on your home screen and release it. This will place an application onto your home screen.

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