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Xbox is one of the most advanced gaming consoles ever made, rightly so. It does not simply engorge you in hours of awesome game play, it also allows for multiplayer action, whether it is a vs. match, an adventure quest, or simple chats, Xbox has it covered. With Xbox One, you can add up to 1,000 of your friends (or foes). Having someone on your friends list will allow you to quickly find the person when he's online and get ready for your next gaming time.


Guide to Adding Friends on Xbox One

  1. 1
    Go to your Xbox One's home screen
    To do this, press the Xbox button located on the center of your controller or simply say "Xbox, go home" (if you're voice recognition system is active). Once you're there, select your profile tile found on the left side of the screen, you can clearly see it having your own avatar if you uploaded one.
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    After clicking it, select Friends in the following tab.
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    Now select Find someone and select for your friend's gamertag
    You have to make sure that your character spacing and spelling is right, or else Xbox won't be able to find your friends.
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    If you see a matching name, then simply select Add friend, and that person's gamertag will be automatically added to your friend's list
    Take note that your friend will see you first as a follower and will be able to know the info you share with friends, based on your Privacy settings.
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Changing Your Privacy Settings

Privacy and online safety settings found on Xbox One will put you in control of privacy for yourself of what your friends will see when they click your profile. You can tweak these settings to customize your own Xbox One experience, or other family members who use it. Select standard settings, which establishes standard privacy and safety controls based on your age, or tweak current settings at an individual setting level.

Take note that only adults within an Xbox One family is able to make changes to the online safety and privacy settings for all teens and children of the family. However, if there are adults that you don't want to grant access with online settings, you can just remove that person from the family. Adults will not be able to change settings for other adults, and teens and children can still view their accounts on their own but not change settings.

  • Sign in to your Xbox One console.
  • On the controller, tap the Menu button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Scroll right to Family, and then choose the profile that you want to change.

Managing your own privacy and online safety on

If you happen to own both an Xbox One and Xbox 360, it is recommended that you change or tweak your settings over the internet. When managing settings online, it's usually easier for you to know which are currently available on both gaming consoles and which has limits to one console over the other. For example, the content restrictions for Xbox One are customized at the profile level and can be managed online. However, on Xbox 360, they are located usually on your console itself, so they must be customized on the console.

If you like the consoles to share the same security and privacy settings, you can make the management online and apply those tweaks to both your consoles. To manage your online and privacy safety on, simply follow the steps below:

  • Sign in at My Account on
  • Assess and change the present settings for both your Xbox One and Xbox 360.
  • If a standard setting is available on both consoles, you can just choose whether you want it applied to either one or both consoles.
  • If a setting is available only on one console, you can then modify it only to that available console.

Viewing your Friends' Activities

You can know the recent gaming activities your friends are doing via the Friends app, or see the activity time at any time you want. Activity is an application that can be utilized and will allow you to know the recent (or present) activities of your favorites and friends. To launch the Activity app, you can simply say "Xbox, snap activity." Or, you can just follow the steps below using your Xbox controller:

  • Tap on the Xbox button to return to Home.
  • Choose the Snap icon located on the right of the big app tile.
  • Select Activity app.
  • Highlight the Feed, and then press A.
  • Your friends' activity list will now be displayed in the Snap mode.

Removing Friends

Removing friends from your "Friends" is relatively easy. Simply go to your Friends page and choose the friend you wish to remove, and then go to Remove Friend, where the Add Friend button used to be. This will automatically remove them as a friend.


Take note that Xbox Live does not consider two people "friends" until the both of them have added or accepted friend requests (the same with 360). If you add a person as a friend, you have to wait first for his approval, and until then you are only considered as a "follower".

Comparing Games

Xbox One also made comparing games much more vibrant as you will now be able to compare and evaluate in-depth achievements as well as in-game accomplishments. As an example, you can stack progress in Dead Rising 3 with a specific friend's game progress, supplying data on achievements as well as total zombies killed, PP and other in-game achievable (which you can use as bragging rights over your friend. How cool is that?)


To do this, simply go to your Friends page and choose a friend by highlighting him. After that, enter Compare Games category. From here you will see how many hours they have already played, as well as their in-game progress, and an easy quick-look at achievements compared side-by-side with theirs. Clicking "more details" will supply you with info like "killed zombies in Dead Rising 3" and the like. The pages preceding it will show more of your friends' achievements.

Managing Favorites and Followers

  1. 1
    Are you someone who just can't say no when someone asks you to be friends? Many people are like that, but how can you manage all those 100 friends of yours, or find your most favored friends? Simple. Through your Favorites list you can have a watchful eye on your select group of people or your best Xbox Live friends without the hassle of scanning through the Friends list of people you don't play with to your core group who you play games with on a regular basis. Go to Change View menu and select your Favorites, that way you can see them before any other friends.
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  2. 2
    Xbox ability to Follow certain users without becoming friends with them is awesome as well. This way, athletes, musicians, celebrities and even your crushes on Xbox live are only a click away. This can also be a good way to stay in touch with your acquaintances without having them crowding up your Friends list. Anyone you add to your Friends list who does not approve you will automatically make you their Follower. Having them as friends means they have to add you as friends (or follow you) as well. Likewise, anyone who follows you can become your friend if you follow them or add them, too.
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Extra: Smart Glass


Xbox One's SmartGlass app also allows for easier management, searching and adding of friends. Simply log into SmartGlass from your native device, then tap on the Menu button (located top left on iOS) and then choose Friends. This will take you to your Friends section where Find Friend is an added option. Simply type in the exact gamertag and their profile should pop up with options for add friend, add to favorite and even message, or block.

Questions and Answers

How many people can you add on 360?

I don't know if I lost some people

You can add up to 100 friends at one time on Xbox 360. To add new friends, sign in to Live, select 'Social', 'Friends', then 'Add Friend'. Enter the person's gamertag, then select 'Done'. Then, you can either write a customized message or select the standard message, then select 'Send Request'.

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Is it possible to search for a friend if you don't know exactly his tag but do know how the tag starts

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I have an account, I am a parent, I want my kid to be able to play Minecraft with a friend. How do I set this up?

Does the child have to have a Gold Account as well?. I have tried: Tired to add child's friend in but says that it can't. I think it was caused by: I have no clue

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Adding a friend in plants vs zombies GW2?

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I have an Xbox 360 and I'm trying to add a friend on Xbox one, I can send a request but he never gets them. I can send messages but nothing else seems to work?

We are in the same house using the internet. I am connected to the internet via my Laptop. and he is wirelessly connected to the internet on his Xbox one. The situation is I want to play world of tanks on my 360 with my friend on the Xbox one. I have tried: Sending invites and messages is what I have tried so far but not getting friend requests he has sent me requests as well but with no luck. I think it was caused by: I think a setting may need adjustment on the networking? I am not sure of the problem that is why I am here chatting with you!

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If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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