Add Dos Emulator Games to the Galaxy S3

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is more than just a Tablet. For avid gamers, the Galaxy S3 is meant to be one of the best, as far as gaming experience is concerned.

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Samsung has promised big things from its gaming side of things, and as a result, Samsung has been appreciated by a lot of users. Today, hundreds of gamers are adding different games to their Galaxy S3, among which are the DOS Emulator Games. Before adding these games to your Samsung Galaxy S3, it helps that you are knowledgeable first about what DOS emulators really are.

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DOS Emulators, are compatibility layer software packages that allow MS DOS systems and DOS clones like DR DOS or FreeDOS software to successfully run under the x86-based computers or those running on the Linux operating system.

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How to Add DOS Emulator Games to Galaxy S3

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    DOS emulators use combinations of strategic emulations and hardware virtualization features
    Thus, you can achieve nearly native speed for 8086- compatible DOS operating systems. The DOSEMU is basically for those who want and need to go one using the legacy of the DOS software. In some other cases, virtualization is fit enough to drive other external hardware like the EPROM Programmers that are connected to the parallel port.
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    The DOSEMU is simply a user-level program that makes use of specific special features of the Linux kernel
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    DOSBox Manager
    Samsung Galaxy S3 users looking to emulate DOS can turn to the DOSBox manager. The program can doubles as a library system, allowing users to keep track of games and profiles. Users however are required to add the DOSBox turbo. This DOSBox manager makes managing various DOSbox configuration files easy because it offers a clean interface, accessible short cuts and graphical launcher. After you have your DOS games configured in the DosBox manager of your Samsung Galaxy S3, you can easily set up or start them, or even alter their configuration.
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    The DOSBox port for Android is an x86 emulator that was developed by the DOSBox Team, with the aim of letting users play old PC games
    This is actually the very first simple DOS emulator, which is made especially for Android. However, like any other emulator, this software will require you to have access to your SD card. Your Tablet should also have lots of resources so it can run properly.
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    Be sure also that you have 50 megabytes free memory upon installation and that your SD card cannot be accessed
    This particular software features a portrait and landscape mode, with or without resize, sound support, software and hardware keyboard input, support on entering special keys like Ctrl, Function, or Esc keys. It also has support on virtual track pad, virtual joystick and Pen mode.
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    The DOSBox turbo is another highly-optimized feature with enhanced ports of the latest SVN versions of the DOSBox and DOS emulator for Android
    Here, you can find new upgrades that are rapidly introduced. This means you can run old DOS games with mouse, sound, and joystick emulation, and keyboard controls.
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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a complete gaming experience. From high end games to DOS emulator games, you have all the options of choosing the games that you love to enjoy.

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