Activate and Use Air Gestures on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Of all the innovations and features that make the Samsung Galaxy Note3 one of the best "phablets" around, the one that really stands out is the built in Air Gestures. Air gestures allow you to use the movements of your hand over the front-facing camera to control certain device functions. Read on for instructions on how to enable Air Gestures, and how to use Air Gestures.

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Enabling Air Gestures On Your Samsung Galaxy Note3

Before you can use Air Gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Note3, you will need to enable the functionality. This is done from the Settings menu, and the steps are explained below. Simply follow them to get started using Air Gestures.

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  1. 1
    Begin by pressing your "Home" button (located under your screen on the capacitive button panel).
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  2. 2
    From the home screen, open your apps menu by pressing the "Apps" icon in the lower right-hand corner.
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    Settings button icon Use Swype Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy S4 and type messages fast.PNG
    From apps, navigate to "Settings" which can be found by locating the cog wheel icon.
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  4. 4
    Now go to "Controls" from the settings screen.
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    Icon 20 How to control your Samsung Galaxy S4 with your voice using S Voice.PNG
    You will see a button type toggle switch for the air gesture settings
    Make sure this is set to on and air gestures are now enabled on your device.
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Air Gestures: What Can I Do? How Do I Do It?

Below, we've listed examples of the Air Gestures available on the Samsung Galaxy Note3, and how to use them. It's important to keep in mind that all of the gestures need to be performed in view of the front facing sensor, which is located at the top right of your device. Additionally, Air Gestures are best performed with your hand about three inches (seven centimeters), above your Samsung Note Galaxy Note3.

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Gesture Example What Should I Do What It Controls
Quick Glance
Pic 1 How to Use Music Square on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.PNG
Simply wave your hand above the sensor on the front of your device. You will be able to view all of your recent notifications, like text, SMS, or MMS messages, incoming calls, the time and date, as well as select application and system notifications.
Air Jump
Pic 2 How to Use Music Square on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.PNG
Move your hand up or down over the sensor in a sweeping motion. This will allow you to scroll the page up or down when you are in your browser or viewing email.
Air Browse
Pic 3 How to Use Music Square on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.PNG
Move your hand to the left or to the right over the sensor in a sweeping motion. This is another scrolling type control that you can use while browsing. It can also be used to move backward and forwards between music files or when viewing images.
Air Move
Pic 4 How to Use Music Square on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.PNG
With one hand long pressing and holding an icon, use your other hand to wave left or right over the sensor. This Air Gesture will let you move icons around on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note3. Some apps will also have added functionality for this gesture, like rescheduling events while viewing the calendar or planner.
Air-Call Accept
Pic 5 How to Use Music Square on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.PNG
Move your hand in a sweeping motion to the left and then back to the right. When you have an incoming call, this gesture will allow you to answer the phone.

Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • If your device is not registering gestures, ensure that the front sensor is not obstructed and that you are performing the gestures at around one hand width from the sensor, or about three inches (7 centimeters).
  • Certain gestures will only work in Samsung applications and don't function with third party browsers, image viewers, music apps, or other applications.
  • Further functionality may be added in the future with more app support and additional gestures
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Questions and Answers on Air Gestures with the Note3

Air gesture of Samsung Galaxy Note3 not working?

I enabled the Air Gesture option but it's not working could you please guide me

If you've activated the Air Gesture function on your Samsung Galaxy Note3, and it is still not working, you'll want to check the sensor of your phone. First, make sure nothing is blocking it, and then wipe it clean with a non-abrasive microfiber cloth.

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Additionally, make sure that your hand is not more than three inches (seven centimeters) from the scree. Note that some users have reported that they experience better functionality within two inches (five centimeters).

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You'll also want to make sure that you're using Samsung applications, or supported third party apps. Many applications that are not officially released by Samsung do not support the Air Gesture feature. For the best results, when testing, use a Samsung application, such as Air Browse, Quick Glance, Air Jump, Air Call Accept, or Air Move. This way you can be certain that the application is supported, and that your sensor is working properly.

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If you've made sure nothing is blocking your sensor, and that you're using a supported application from Samsung, but your sensor is still not working, then try to switch off your device, and then power it back on. One you've done this, make sure that the Air Gesture function is turned on, and that you're using an app supported or released by Samsung. It should work now.

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What Controls are you referring to? Where can I find it?

I don't understand how to access the Air Gesture controls on my Samsung Galaxy Note3.

The Controls discussed in this article can be found under the Control tab, on the Settings where all of the additional control features can be enabled. To get there, go Home > Apps > Settings > and Tap the Control tab on the upper-right part of the Settings page.

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You'll find the Air Gesture option is located in your quick panel menu located on your main screen of your device.

I have turned on the Air Gesture feature on my Samsung Note3 together with the "quick glance" feature so I can access info at a quick glance when the screen is off. My problem is sometimes the feature fails to function. i.e I cannot get the quick glance of messages or battery info when I reach out over the sensor. Why is this so?

Sensor for the Air Gesture sometimes appears to be not working on Samsung Galaxy Note3

Sometimes the Air Gesture sensor will not immediately work due to oil or dirt over the sensor. Other times, it can be due to the proximity of your hand to the sensor. While the sensor can occasionally detect Air Gestures at distances greater than the recommended three inches (seven centimeters), you will experience problems when operating outside of that range.

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In practice, many of users in the VisiHow community have reported that Air Gestures works best for them within two inches (five centimeters). Additionally, it is a good idea to restart your device from time to time, particularly when you've installed a number of new applications, or edited core functions.

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You can also disable Air Gestures, and restart your device, and then turn Air Gestures back on to see if this helps.

If you're not afraid to get a little technical, you can also take a trip down to your local electronics store, and buy a $5 can of compressed air. Attach the hard plastic tube to the can of compressed air, and aim it from about three inches away (7 centimeters) from the sensor. You can then blast the air in three to five rapid bursts of about half a second or less each.

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This doesn't work for everyone, but some members of the VisiHow community have reported that it fixed their device. Remember, all sorts of things can get in your Samsung Galaxy Note3 and dirty up the sensor, like lint from your pants, or oil from your hands. Dirt then sticks to these items and can reduce the effective range of your Proximity Sensor.

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How To Disable a Broken Samsung Proximity Sensor

My Proximity Sensor is broken, and now my screen goes black when I make calls. Help!

This one is a bit more difficult to fix because it requires a rooted phone. If you don't know what that is, or how to do it, then don't attempt this fix or your phone might stop working. Otherwise, if you're an advanced user, follow these steps:

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1. Download and install the Android Sensor Box from the Google Play Store: Android Sensor Box - Disable Proximity Sensor

2. Select the Proximity Sensor, and use it to locate the driver name of your sensor by clicking the icon on the bottom left when you open the app. Your sensor name should look something like 'apds9702' - for example.

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3. Download and install the Hardware Disable App from the Play Store (root required): Hardware Disable App - Disable Proximity Sensor

4. Once installed, select the menu button, change your menu to the root level by typing / and scan again.

5. Locate the driver name for your device from step 2 above, and select it.

6. Reboot your device, and when you restart, the Hardware Disable app will ask if you want to disable the device.

7. Select Yes and your Proximity Sensor should be disabled.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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