Activate Glutes with Simple Exercises

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Welcome to VisiHow. My name is Angela Zakos and I'm coming to you today from God Body Personal Training. I'm here to talk to you about glute activation. Glute activation is extremely important, especially if you suffer from any lower back pain. A lot of people these days do, especially if they're seated at a desk all day long. Being seated for long periods of time causes shortened hamstrings and inactive glutes, which then pull down on the lower back causing daily pain. Another added bonus to glute activation is of course toning and tightening the glutes, and growing the glutes for a nice perkier bum. Who doesn't want that? Let's get into the exercises and show you how it's done!

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    First, lay down on your stomach as flat as possible and bend one knee. Do one leg at a time, and keep your foot flat and not pointed. Push your heel towards the ceiling. The movement is nice, slow and controlled. It is not about how high you can get. Do not pull your hip flexor. Your hip should stay down on the ground. Every time you come up, squeeze the glute. You should be able to feel the fire every time. Do twenty on one side, then switch and do twenty on the other side.
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    For the next exercise, get into a frog position with your knees bent nice and wide and heels pushed together. Your heels should once again be pointed towards the ceiling. You might not have as much flexibility to come up. That's OK, as long as you are pushing through the heels and squeezing the glutes every time. Again, do it nice and slow, and repeat it about twenty times.
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    Lay down flat and lift one leg at a time with your feet flexed while keeping your legs straight. Again, do it nice and slow. Do not worry about how high you are getting. Just focus on squeezing those glutes. Do it about twenty times on each side. When you are done that, your glutes should be nice, pumped and on fire. This is a great addition for when you are starting a workout and want to make sure your glutes are fired during squats, or to reduce any lower back pain you might be experiencing.
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    Thank you for choosing VisiHow. My name is Angela Zakos from God Body Personal Training. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below the video. Thank you and have a great day!
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Video: Activate Glutes with Simple Exercises

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