Acquire Relic Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn

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Have you ever wondered where did those players get those amazing looking weapons that you cannot purchase from an NPC? Those items are called Relic weapons, and you need to complete a series of quests to obtain them. Each class has their own Relic weapon. This is an game guide article on how you can acquire your own Relic item and start playing PVP to earn more points and be strong enough to help others in their quests as well.

The Relic weapons are as follows:

Gae Blog for Dragoon

Artemis Bowfor Bard

Bravurafor Warrior

Curtana & Holy Shield for Paladin

Omnilexfor Scholar

Sphairaifor Monk

Stardust Rodfor Black Mage

The Veil of Wiyufor Summoner

Thyrusfor White Mage

Dragoon's Gae bolg


Before you know the objectives, make sure that you completed the quest of "The Weaponsmith of Legend" which can be unlocked after you completed the quest for "The Ultimate Weapon". "The Ultimate Weapon" quest can only be done through party and "Duty Finder", that needs 4 DPS, 2 Tankers and 2 Healers. This quest is quite easy as you can speed run with your party, but depends if they want to speed run during this quest so respect what they want to complete it.

"The Weaponsmith of Legend" is pretty straight forward that you just need to deliver and to talk to other NPC then it will be completed. You can find the said quest at "Western Thanalan - Vesper bay" inside the waking sands, you just need to talk to Nedrick Ironheart and follow the objectives. The last part of the will be in North Shroud -Hyrstmill that you need to talk to Gerolt who will forge your weapon where the quest for your relic starts. Obtaining these items are not as easy as counting apples. These are series of objectives before you get the item, here are the objectives:

Obtain the timeworn Gae blog from a treasure coffer in Natalan

This objective can be found in the "Coerthas Highland" where you need to look for a "Treasure Coiffer" in "Witchdrop" (See map below for the location). Once you obtain the "Timeworn Gae Bold", just teleport back to "North Shroud - Fallguard" and deliver it to Gerold. After you deliver the item back to Gerolt, the second objective will be unlocked which is:


Deliver a materia-enhanced Champion's lance

You have two options on how you can get this item. First, is if you have a Blacksmith class you can simply forge this weapon and meld with any two types of materia in it's socket. Or, you can purchase this item from other players who are vending their items from the "Market Board" which may cost a lot, but if you have plenty of Gil, then go for it to expedite. Once you have the item in hand, go back to Gerolt and hand the item to him to unlock the next Objective. Which is:

Obtain Alumina salts

This is a party quest which you need to use the duty finder in order to complete the quest you need to gather up 4 DPS, 2 Healers and 2 Tankers again. Before you can join this quest, unfortunately you need to have an Item level of 52 at least. Items are not easy to find here in this game, there are two ways on how you can get high level items to be equipped and to get level 52 or even higher. First, go to "Market Board". You can purchase and armor set of "Wolfram Cuirass Armor Set". The item level of this armor set is Level 90, which is more than enough for you to attain the quest. However, these items are hard to find nor you need to have a good crafter to craft the items. If you cannot afford the said items, you can do a level 55 items set instead. Which are:


"Lominsan Officer's Armor Set"

"Gridanian Officer's Armor Set"

"Ul'dahn Officer's Armor Set"

These items are for level 50 character which has an Item level of 55 if you equipped it per set. But if you prefer on higher items, you can hunt "Allagan Tome Stone of Mythology" that you can gain from dungeon quest and also a time consuming. Once you have an Average Item level of 52, take the quest to gather the items and fight "D'HORME CHIMERA", do not forget that this quest is in hard mode and nor in normal mode since that you have it on Full party. After you have acquired the item, go back to Gerolt and give the items to him and the next objective will now be unlocked. Which is:

Speak with Rowena

Go to Rowena at Revenant's toll where you can find her in a tent. Speak to her and she will then ask you to get "Amdapor glyph" by completing the "Amdapor Keep". You need to have 2 DPS, 1 Healer and 1 Tanker in this dungeon for a light party. This is a very simple and easy task for you to gather the item that rowena requested you to get, you need to go to "South Shroud, The Black Shroud - Aldenald" then use the duty finder to enter the dungeon with some party members that you know or random people. Once you have the Item, go back to Rowena and converse with her and the next objective will be unlocked. Which is:

Deliver the The Book of Reinette

This is a pretty straight forward quest which you need to go back to Gerolt in "North Shroud - Fallgourt". Just converse and give him the book that Rowena handed it to you. After speaking with Gerolt, he will give you the

Unfinished Gae Bolg.jpg

"Unfinished Gae Bolg" which you need to slay three types of enemies using the weapon. These monsters can be found in "Coerthas Highlands". You need to slay the following monsters:

Natalan quest.jpg

Equip the Unfinished Gae Bolg and Slay Natalan boldwing 0/8

Equip the Unfinished Gae Bolg and Slay Natalan fogcaller 0/8

Equip the Unfinished Gae Bolg and Slay Natalan swiftbeak 0/8

Once you have slain all of the enemies that needs to, warp back to Gerolt and report your progress. After you completed this duty, a new objective will be unlocked which is:

Speak with Fafajoni

You need to look for this NPC at "Eastern Thanalan - Sandgate - Halatali". As usual, this NPC has a mark on his head to it is easy to identify. Once you talked to him, he will then ask you to slay the hydra in the Halatali.

This is not the same as the level 20 Halatali quest as this is a direct boss battle. You need to have 4 DPS, 2 Healers and 2 tankers in the party. This is another straight forward mission that doesn't need much of strategy as you need to keep on hitting the boss and the additions till it dies.

Upon doing this duty, you "MUST" equip the "Unfinished Gae Bolg" in order for you to complete the task and no need to repeat it.After the duty has been completed, you need to talk to Gerolt again that you need to give him back the "Unfinished Gae bolg". Once you hand the item to gerolt, a new objective will be available for you to take. Which is:

Obtain white-hot ember, howling gale and the hyperfused ore

These items can be obtain only upon beating bosses in hard mode. The White-Hot Ember can only be obtain from The Bowl of Embers (Hard) quest that you have unlocked, to complete the quest you need to have 4 DPS, 2 Healers and 2 Tankers. The strategy is pretty much the same as you did on normal mode when you first encounter "Ifrit" for the first time, just make sure that when the Infernal nails spawn kill it automatically. The Howling gale can be obtain by beating Garuda in Hard mode which you still need to have the same volume of people that same goes upon getting the hyperfused ore by beating Titan in hard mode. Use your duty finder to enter each of these bosses to gain the items. Once you have them all, go talk to Gerolt and deliver those to unlock the new objective. Which is:

Deliver Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil

This item cannot be found from any monster drops, which you need to purchase it for 225 Allagan Tombstone Mythology. This item can be purchase at Revenant's Toll from Auriana. If you do not have the numbers for the Mythology, you can do some dungeons as it gives you 20 to 30 mythology per dungeon quest. It is a bit time consuming if you haven't done any of these before, you can also earn this item by doing repeatable quest from Pixies and to Kobold. Once you have the item that Gerolt requested you to have, go back to him as he will now give you the "Gae bold"

With Gae bolg.jpg

Upgrading Your Relic Weapon

Your Relic weapon can also be upgraded to + 1 which will have additional "crazy huge stats" and even have an aura on it. Which will require you the following items:

3 Pieces of Thavnairian Mist (300 Mythology each = 900 Mythology)

Your Relic Weapon

Hyrstmill Forge near Gerolt

Once you have the items that you needed to upgrade the weapon, you can easily get a high end weapon. See the screen shot below:

1 2.jpg

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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