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If you love to write, and tinkering with words is the lifestyle and the career you would love to have the rest of your life (despite the long hours because time flies by when you love what you are doing), you would not retreat in a corner and say no to an invitation to write an article.


Any topic which is research-able and Google-able (Is there such a word or am I coining a new one for Mr. Webster?) should be passionately written with detail and a writing style that does not bore. Spice up the article with humor (you can always find something funny) and find new angles about the topic which will interest you and your readers. It is best if the article topic is within your realm of expertise, but if it is outside your comfort threshold as a writer, accept it just the same and you might just learn something new from what you research and then write about.

Your attitude and things to keep in mind when writing an article

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    You will learn to love new things
    If you were invited to write about something that is not within the realm of your expertise and knowledge, accept the challenge. Who knows, when you are asked to write a critique about the latest cellphone of a leading multinational brand, and you are not a techie at all, dive into the research and learn anyway. If you love to write, then almost assuredly, you love to read, so wouldn't it be lovely to know that the latest cellphones can download electronic book (ebook) reader applications? Tens of hundreds of ebooks are in control at your fingertips at less than 10 percent of the price of a real book with paper! Once you know this stuff about cellphones, you will be curious to know all about the features of the newest gadgets.
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    Keep in mind the purpose of why you are writing the article
    Articles are meant to be read by as many people, as much as possible. It is a dream of every writer that their written pieces are acknowledged and appreciated by the readers. Then, every writer should also write responsibly. This is because his thoughts as reflected in the article could influence the actions and the thoughts of his readers in ways imaginable and unimaginable. You, as a writer, will never know the range of impact of your writings. Basically, your guidelines as a writer should be that you shall influence your reader to act within the context of civilized, legal, and/or moral ways of conducting himself and in applying what he learned from the articles.
    1. What you write could be life changing for the reader. For example, a reader is in the midst of a bout with depression because of a personal battle. In your article, you insert inspirational Bible verses, positive quotable quotes from great thinkers, and your own ideas which make life simply more livable. On the brink of taking his own life, after reading your article, he decided to live life and think for the better.
    2. Your article could change what the reader wants to buy. Let us say your reader is dead set already on buying a certain smartphone. He changes upon your write-up about a smartphone from the competition. You describe the features of the competing smartphone beautifully, espousing its advantages and the things it has which the rival phone does not have. You explain the phone's value for money, why you should buy it over the other phone.
    3. The main purpose of writing an article is to inform. It should be new knowledge or new wisdom. The secondary purpose is to entertain. Put them together, information and entertainment, and you get an article that is engaging and earns you reactions from your readers. The article also makes them nod their head and think, "That is something new to me or I like the way he attacks the topic. He is very imaginative."
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    If the invitation to write is from an established website or blog, you can take advantage of its established traffic
    Writing for a reputable website or blog with thousands or even millions of views per day will boost your career as a pen pusher. The mere fact that you were accepted or were chosen to write on a certain topic means you have established a loyal following on the internet or that your write-ups have had favorable reviews over time. It could be the person inviting you had been stalking your articles for a long period of time and likes what he is reading. He has determined that you will be an asset to his website or blog. If he is the chief blogger himself, he might want to take a break from his writing and let someone else he trusts (or thinks he trust) do the write-ups for a while. He will see what happens, and if your writing clicks and gets rave reviews and a substantial number of views, he might consider you to be a regular member of his writing staff or be his regular freelance writer.
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    If the topic you will write about is within your expertise, it will strengthen your reputation as the go-to writer for the topic
    When the inviting person acknowledges your expertise on a topic, he wants you to write about, accept it with modesty. No one can take away your knowledge from you, but letting it go to your head can have negative effects on your writing. Write with a level head, and let go of data you can share with your readers to help them on their concerns within the boundaries of the topic. For example, if you are a swimming expert, and bragging about your glory days in the pool seems to be the norm in your writing, you are not helping your readers at all. Be careful because they might be aspiring competitive swimmers or swimmers who have problems with their backstroke. Write carefully about your suggestions and apply many angles to their concerns because writing only about one solution might not be applicable to another reader. Because you are an advanced swimmer, do not give them tips applicable to pros but ideas applicable to their level (that is why writing through different angles is important). Be sensible and be a motivating light to your readers. Know the level of your target readers.
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Questions and Answers

Hi! What are the common words or statements for accepting the invitation to review a manuscript?

I have received an email invitation to review an article. I am very grateful if you provide me a formal reply for accepting this invitation.

As you have received the email message from the person, look up his or her name at the end of the letter. You will need to use it to address the person in your reply. Below, you can see a draft that you can use to write your own email message.

Dear [Mr. or Ms.] [surname]:

I am writing you to apprise you of my receiving your offer to review the article. Thank you for the opportunity, as I take great personal pleasure in reading and reviewing [name of the manuscript]; and be it that you have any notes or comments for me, please do not hesitate to contact me via this e-mail address or [other means of communication].

I am looking forward to seeing the article.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]

[you can add your phone]

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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