7 First Date Tips for Girls

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Dating Rules Have Changed Significantly for a Modern Girl

First dates used to be something that didn't happen that often.

Technology has changed the way women date. Girls all over the world are dating more, and doing it more often. That means more first dates for a girl to worry about.

It also means a list of things you should think about before any your first date. For this article, we're going to focus on 7 first date tips for girls.

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    Skip tanning, waxing, and facials a week before you go on a first date
    Tanning can leave you looking like you were over cooked, and you should avoid any waxing or other hair removal procedures. Especially avoid facials, or you could end up looking like a little pink cherub on your date.
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    Don't get a haircut before a first date
    A bad haircut can leave you feeling self conscious and looking terrible, but a good haircut can leave you over styled, and unable to manage it yourself if something goes wrong. Everyone knows that nothing ever goes wrong on first dates, right? Schedule your date for the weekend, get a cut the Monday before, and you'll be fine.
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    Drink lots of water and eat healthy foods the week before
    Avoid things that can cause acne or breakouts. No one wants to have a huge pimple right before a first date. Staying away from foods known to contribute to break outs before a first date is a great way to look good, while being healthy at the same time. Plus you won't have to try and remove any pimples the day of your big date.
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    Avoid heavy makeup
    Unless you're going as a clown to a Halloween party, use basic make up that you know looks good. Anything else is likely to be over the top. This is especially true of eyebrows and eyelashes. As an added pointer, completely avoid any YouTube make up channels the day before your date, or you'll end up with frazzled nerves.
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    Wear something comfortable
    First dates are not the place for new clothes, untested zippers, and slimming outfits. At best, you'll be uncomfortable all night, and at worst, you'll have an embarrassing blow out when an untested zipper snaps. Go with something you look good in, that you know and trust. If you aren't comfy, it will show. He won't know your pained expression is due to genuine pain, and may instead think don't like him.
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    Eat lunch before you go on your date
    Not eating makes most people a bit grumpy. Worse, the combination of bad breath and snarling stomach can cause your date to think you're turning into a zombie. No man enjoys sitting next to a grumpy girl with zombie breath. Make sure you eat lunch, and your stomach will be fine. It will also help prevent bad breath.
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    Be yourself, and let him be himself too
    Don't Google his background, or Facebook stalk him. Instead, see if you actually like the guy before crossing any social media boundaries. This is especially true of little things, like typing his name into Google Images and seeing what comes up. Just skip that whole mess, otherwise, you could end up accidentally stalking him. Then you might sabotage what could have been a great first date.
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Tips and Suggestions on Making it Through a First Date

It really is all about you, so enjoy yourself, unless he's really that crazy.

First dates can either be creepy and awkward, or they can be a lot of fun. It's all in your approach.

  • Don't ever lead a man on. If you aren't interested, you don't need to tell him the instant you see him. Sometimes you might actually have a great time with a guy you aren't attracted to. Instead, disengage at the end of the date, and let him know the next day that you aren't interested in dating more.
  • Be polite with everyone, and mind your manners. It's important to be polite, because you never know when you're going to run into some of these people again. You should be well mannered because no girl ever wants to be remembered as a pig.
  • Never cross the social media line until the second, or even third date. If you decide you don't want to see him again, it will be too late. Facebook will remember him and his circle of friends forever, and he will never go away, even if he never messages you again.
  • If he isn't someone you really like, don't stay out too late. Midnight is the Cinderella moment, where many a man thinks you're interested if you've stayed out that late. So, get home before he turns into a pumpkin.

Questions and Answers

How do I absolutely dazzle my date to win him over?

I already know I want him. How do I make such a good impression that he wants a second date?. I have tried: I have bought a short tight skirt and gotten a great manicure!

If you offer going to explore new places, visit a music show, visit a theme park with some fast rides (please make sure that the partner will actually do that and do not insist on this), or let him always be in motion, then he will have a feeling that is close to an adrenaline rush or will actually feel an adrenaline rush, which will associate you with something venturesome. The feeling of adrenaline is actually close to the feeling of love, and, as the person will return to his daily life, he will remember about you. It is an old trick that may be suitable for some dates. Please be aware that other people would require a slow stroll along the streets, discuss a topic at length, and value wisdom immensely, seeking you as a conversation partner next time, falling gradually in love with you.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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