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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Yes thank you.. should the phone be switched off when charged for the first time?

I'm using a newly bought the S4 mini


Technically speaking. You really need to consume the power of the battery first upon first use of your mobile phone. The battery level must be gone to zero before charging it meaning it must be off.

The reason why it must be consume is for the battery not to get shock of charging it. Although there is only a small chance that the battery might get bad when you charge it automatically.

Consume all the battery level first then charge the phone while it is still off.

It is recommended but this hasn't yet been proven to either help your phone or battery from draining or fully charging your device. It is a fact that when you charge your device without it being on then your phone will charge up faster than it would if it were to charge while powered on.

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In order to have your device charged faster then you can charge your device up while it is off but this can prove to work regardless of if the phone is new or old.


Duration for the first battery charge ( Samsung Galaxy S4 mini )?

Hello my name Eric , I've just buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

I've should know the duration for the first battery charge

Thank you for answer


I suggest not to fully drain your phone's battery as the phone will detect that your phone's battery is dead even when it is not. Start charging when the phone's battery is at 15%. It is best to turn it off when charging as well. Make sure that you check the phone from time to time (it will show a certain percentage). The first charge usually takes 2-3 hours, depending on the charge left.

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The battery light remains white after being fully charged and remains white. Was green until lately?

How do I get the batter percentage to turn to green on Galaxy S4


After the recent upload of the new software for the Samsung Galaxy devices and also the Android Version of Kit Kat 4.4 the battery indication is now white and no longer green as it was previously on the device. Along with this all of the other icons are white as well including WiFi and also any other icon that is standard with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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This has been reported or complained about in forums and other user reviews of the new Android OS on the device. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and noticed the change of the colors as well as the camera icon that is now located on the main screen of the device.

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Here is a link to more changes to the new OS:



I don't know when to charge the phone?

I'm a college student in the morning and go to work after school till 10 pm. I don't want to charge my phone overnight since that will kill the battery over the long term.

Actually, this is not true. As long as you use the battery every day, the capacity won't go down if you leave it plugged in over night. The only way you would ever harm your battery is if you left your phone plugged in all the time.

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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Yes, I am unable to charge my phone...it's connected to the charger, I tried different outlets, and even tried USB connect to PC and still....battery shows not charging, not even connected to charger?

I don't know what to do now....battery life is nearly gone.

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