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Are writers born or made? This is a question you may want to find the answer to yourself. Writing definitely is a talent, but there are still a lot of ways you can be a better one. Besides, there is always a room for improvement, even for the seasoned writers. There still are some writers who fail to excite and play with the minds of their readers. A good article writer is not just there to come up with grammatically and rhetorically- correct works, but it is all about being able to inform and entertain the readers. If you are one of the writers who feels that you have failed to provide what your readers want and need, then you may want to check this out:

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    Be sure that you know what you are writing about
    Research, research and research. Reliability and credibility have a huge bearing for readers. This is also what a writer's reputation depends on.
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    Have a clear introduction and conclusion
    From the beginning, you should already state what your article aims for and be able to come up with a conclusion that you want to achieve.
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    Keep it a reasonable length
    If it is too long, it could bore the reader, but it should not be so short that it lacks its real essence - to inform. Stick only with the relevant information. A reader does not need a long yet trashy article. No one would want to waste his time reading a badly-written article.
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    Always make sure that your sentence structure, grammar, spelling and even punctuation mark usage are all correct
    Simple errors like misspelled words could cause a reader to lose his or her trust in you.
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    A good article is one which answers the four w's – when, who, where, why and how.
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    Know your readers
    The age and profession are a couple of factors to consider when writing an article. There are topics which may be interesting to a certain group, but may not have any bearing to others.
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  7. 7
    Be conscious about plagiarism
    Be as creative and as original as you can be. After you have done your research on the topic you are going to write about, digest the data carefully in your mind and then write about it in your own style and comprehension.
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    Be conscious about SEO
    This stands for search engine optimization. In this time and age, if you are a writer, chances are, you will also be writing on the internet. In cyberspace, SEO is very important if you want your articles to have wide viewership. You should keep in mind certain keywords to repeat over and over again in your article. These keywords are vital for top ranking in search engines.
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  9. 9
    Do not overuse jargon
    Should you use uncommon terminology, make sure to explain what the words mean in the simplest possible definition.
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    A professional writer should give credit to whom it is due, so always observe proper citations and quotations
    Besides, you would not want another writer claiming your work.
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    Whether you write an article for fun or for your job, always make sure that you bear in mind these simple yet effective reminders.
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