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Write a Letter of Invitation

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I have to write a friendly letter to an old school friend who you want to invite to your 21st birthday party. It must be 120-150 words?

I don't know how to begin or what to write, thanks. I have tried: I have the date, place and time and who else is going to be there. I think it was caused by: I don't know how to start


You already have started. You have provided the necessary information so now all you need is fluff to fill out the 120 to 150 word requirement. If you get stuck then perhaps make up some games that you will be playing at the party or other activities.

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A brief description of holiday tour you intend to make?

I want to ask about the letter body


This type of letter would almost be like a travel advertisement. You would provide details about each day of the itinerary including where to visit such as a museum and then three restaurant choices. This will help you begin. Just imagine what information you would need. Go to Fodors or another travel website and view sample itineraries to get a good idea of what you need.

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Write a Letter of Invitation

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