Write a Letter of Good Wishes

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Writing a letter or note of best wishes is one of the tasks into which people often put the least effort. Perhaps most of the thank you notes and well-wisher cards that you receive are just bought and signed. Some may also be printed from a computer, or you may just receive one via email.

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What do you do with these cards and notes? You pile them up without reading them and store them away. If you're a busy person, you just might not even take time to bother with the email containing well-wishes. Guilty? Perhaps everyone is. You most probably are used to sending good wishes to your close friends, family and close colleagues. However, sending good wishes is a custom that even business entrepreneurs recognize as one of the best practices in business. It brings about goodwill and opens business opportunities. There are entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for partners and are grateful for favors and business deals. As such, this should also be a practice not only of the common people, but also of the business entrepreneurs as well. It is one of the best ways to say thank you and wish people well for all the support and care you've received.

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Reasons for Sending Good Wishes


There are many things that a person should be thankful for. Thanking the people who in one way or another have helped you is a gesture that many people forget. There are a couple of reasons for sending good wishes:

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  1. 1
    Major success in life or business.
    Success in Business.jpg
    This could be anything from closing a big deal to getting promoted at work. The recipient will definitely be in high spirits and will most likely appreciate anyone who would congratulate him or her on this achievement. However, a person who did not take time to write a special note of good wishes will be remembered, too. Perhaps you will be sending champagne or a bouquet of flowers. Make it more meaningful by attaching a note about how well he did during the difficult times prior to achieving his goal.
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  2. 2
    Like any other achievements in life, graduating College or finally getting a master's degree is an accomplishment. Finally achieving this goal is one of the most important highlights in an individual's life. As such, attaching your gift with good wishes is a good thing. It is one way of showing support to the person. Add a personal touch by mentioning a particular time in the person's life when he or she was trying to overcome a stumbling block towards achieving his or her goal. It will make your gift and good wishes more meaningful. If the letter is about graduation, you can mention specific plans about education. You may be aware of your friend's plans to continue his or her education. Perhaps your friend is planning to take a break from his or her schooling adventures to get a full time job instead. In order to be personal and specific when writing this type of letter, it is important to mention what you know about the individual, and not to make assumptions. If you've mistakenly mentioned in your best wishes letter that you are pleased with his or her decision to continue his or her education. but he or she is in fact is going to get a job instead, the letter will not be appreciated. It will reveal the fact that you have not been an attentive friend.
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  3. 3
    Getting Married.jpg
    Tying the knot is one of the most memorable events in one's lifetime. Finding your lifetime partner and marrying her is one of the many things people desire in life. As such, sending your good wishes will be much appreciated. Include a good story or parable of a husband and wife so that the couple can take time to savor opening your gift. This will also make them remember you and your gift because of the personalized message you attached your gift to.
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  4. 4
    The confirmation that a baby will come soon is good news to expectant parents. This is especially true when they've been waiting for a long time for the baby to come. Your note of wishing them well will be much appreciated if you give it in time for a baby shower. Usually, an expectant mother will hold a baby shower a couple of months before the expected delivery. This is also the best time for you to give your gift, along with a note of good wishes.
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  5. 5
    Birth of a child.
    Arrival of a Baby.jpg
    The joy of pregnancy is nothing compared to the arrival of a couple's bundle of joy. This moment is always shared with family and friends. You can seize this opportunity to wish a couple well with the arrival of their child. If you were able to share the couple's difficulties during the pregnancy period, this is the best time to savor that moment through your letter.
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  6. 6
    Ilness or Hospitalization.jpg
    When a friend or a colleague gets ill, people often tend to send flowers or balloons and get well soon cards. Did you ever notice how ill people feel warm-hearted when reading hand-written short missives? This is partly because there is not much to do at the hospital. A person who is hospitalized is not required to do anything and should not be stressing himself. Aside from the TV, there is sometimes nothing much that a hospitalized person can do. As such, receiving well-thought and well-written get well soon cards are best to be given along with your flowers or fruits. Rest assured that this time, the individual has all the time in the world to read your letter, as it will be about all he can, do aside from sleeping, watching TV, taking his medications and waiting for his doctor.
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  7. 7
    Yearly Events.
    Annual and Monthly Occasions.jpg
    This pertains to Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentines' Day, birthdays, or any other occasion that marks a special day for everyone. Sending a combination of thank you and well wishes is something that children rarely do today. When you think that it's high time someone learns how you appreciate them, using letters of good wishes and thanks are the best means of expressing them. Some people get too emotional when talking about their feelings, while some others find it too mushy and they laugh at the person expressing it. One safe method is to express it through a hand-written letter.
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How to write your good wishes letter

Before you start with your letter, keep a couple of things in mind, and format your letter so that the recipient will not get lost reading your letter.

  1. 1
    Make sure that your timing in sending the note of good wishes is appropriate.
    Letters are like jokes. It's difficult to feel appreciated when it is not delivered at the proper time.
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  2. 2
    Start with a good greeting and the reason for your note or letter.
    In this part you can recall a particular event, which has brought about your being thankful. Sincerely enumerate what the person made you feel during the difficult times.
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  3. 3
    Wish the recipient well.
    Whether it's his birthday, a wedding anniversary, a job promotion or simply a job well done, make sure that you make them feel that it is an important event in your life as well.
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  4. 4
    End with an appropriate closing salutation.
    A letter should be short enough not to bore the reader, yet long enough to contain the real substance and reason for the note.
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  5. 5
    It would be best to write the letter yourself, as it brings a more personal touch.
    By writing your letter, you are showing that you spend time and effort in making the note a special one that (despite the available technology) you opted to write it.
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  6. 6
    Read your letter again before finally sending it to make sure that you did not miss anything.
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Sample Letter

Dear Mrs. Collins:

At this time of year, many of us like to recall the events that are most memorable to us. This took me back to our picnic at the Basildon Estate when you were here last November.

In the future, I hope we'll have a chance to visit other places and enjoy fine food and stimulating conversation.

Have an enjoyable holiday season! You have earned it! We'll plan another get-together next year.

Sincerely yours,

[Your name]

Questions and Answers

How to write a letter to uncle for good wishes?

It really depends on the purpose for the letter, and the occasion. Another consideration is how close you are to your uncle. Whatever the occasion is, a personalized letter is always better. You may want to include how your uncle has influenced you in one way or another. If it is a good wish letter for an uncle getting married, you should also include his soon-to-be significant other in the wish.

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How to give reply for appreciate mail to my boss?

Recently I appreciated by my boss by letter, so I want to give reply to him

A corporate letter such as a letter of appreciation to your boss should have that formal or business-like format with a friendly tone. This should elaborate or focus more on the appreciation or gratitude for perhaps a promotion, citation, bonus, referral, or maybe even a simple gesture of kindness. You can refer on this sample mail of appreciation when you draft your mail for your boss:

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Dear (Recipient):

Good day!

I am very grateful and lucky to have a boss with your candor and spirit. You lead by example and know how to motivate and empower people by drawing out the best in us. Thank you so much for the mail of appreciation that you have sent me. I believe that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and by far, you have made us the strongest team by honing our skills and allowing us to be assertive in order to gear the company to success.

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Thank you so much for taking the lead.



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How to write a letter to my friend wishing him good luck for his exams?

I want to write a letter to my friend and wishing him good luck for his exams and I also want to give him some advice and opinions about examination.

Start the letter with your good luck wishes for him. List at least three like:

  • I hope that you will get a high grade!
  • You have the aptitude to go far!
  • These exams are the final leg of the education journey! You are almost at the finish line!

You can add advice to him in between the good luck wishes so that he does not feel like he is being lectured by you.

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How to write a friendly letter to your boss?

I want to send a message to my previous boss, I would like to thank him for the efforts and support he gave me and wish him a better life and good health

A Thank You card would be perfect. Using the inside front flap of the card, jot down a few things that you learned from your boss and thank him for giving you the best of himself. Tell him you hope that he has someone enrich his life as much as he has enriched yours.

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I don't know how to put my words of wish for accepting a paper in a journal?

Wish for acceptance of a paper

To whom it may concern:

I am submitting my paper on "Searching for Worms" and would be honored if you would consider publishing my paper in your next Fishing Monthly publication.

You would input a summary of your paper here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my paper and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Faithfully yours,


How to greet in an end of a wish?

How to write Best wishes from Managing Director? How to greet in that way?

You would put his or her name and the title of your director. For example:

Timothy Jones,

Managing Director

I want to thank a person in charge of an organization for their cooperation in our festival?

I want to thank a person in charge of an organization for their cooperation in our festival

Have your thank you applied to a plaque or trophy and present it with a thank you note for all the help at the festival. Include a few instances of how they helped. This would not only mean a lot to the person, but also help you in building connections for further events.

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Write a letter to your friend conveying to him season's greeting for the forthcoming new year?

Write a letter to your friend conveying to him season's greeting for the forthcoming new year

Here are a few examples of how to start your greeting:

  • May this year be your best year yet!
  • You deserve the best new year because you give me your best all year!
  • This will be the year that you complete your dreams!

Add highlights from the past year that you had together.

I am writing to a seasonal employer about returning to a job. I am starting so far with a quick story of how I was recently back in the town a few weeks back hoping to see them. I am not quite sure how to word this?

I am writing to a seasonal employer about returning to a job. I am starting so far with a quick story of how I was recently back in the town a few weeks back hoping to see them. I am not quite sure how to word this

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You would start by thanking them for the previous opportunities they gave you last season and ask that they consider employing you again this season. There is no need to explain any personal details like why you are in town etc. Just instead express that you wish to work the season for them because you learned so much from them last year.

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Want to wish him victory on the fourth coming election?

I need to wish him the best wishes for him to win the election

Dear Bernie, You gave it your all and I have every confidence you will win this election. Congratulations in advance! If you campaigned with him, add a few details of the best moments of the campaign for you and thank him for that opportunity.

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Thanks given to my beautiful friend couple?

Thanks given to my beautiful friend couple, they are just adding with my Facebook

A general Facebook post is "Thanks for adding me!" You then can add a personal detail like how much you love seeing their pictures together.

Hi sir I need your resolve my issue?

May you help me on sample letter on good wishes on retirement

You have given us your best through the years and now we wish you the best for you retirement years! Give examples of fond memories you have of him.

To write an official mail to all the M.TECH students?

Hi, Sir! I need to write a best wishes mail to all the M.Tech students who are attending the placements in one of our campus in this week. Actually this is an official mail. Can you help me write a letter.

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To make the letter official, write it on stationary with the M Tech logo.

Congratulations on being accepted for a placement on the M Tech Campus!

You would then give generic details about the placements and give your contact information in case he or she had questions.

Hi, I want to wish my colleagues Eid?

So I am getting confused, how to wish them in a unique way

To make a thank you unique you need to add personal details to your note. If you can find stationary that embodies how you are connected to them it will be even more unique.

Joining new role - send confirmation to the team?

How to write a good announcement of my role to my managers

Woo-hoo! I got something new!

Thank whoever was involved on helping you get the position.

I want to ask that we have 3 paragraphs in each letter and in st1 paragraph we have to give greeting so tell me about the greetings?

I want to ask that we have 3 paragraphs in each letter and in st1 paragraph we have to give greeting so tell me about the greetings

The first paragraph of a greeting should include why you are writing the letter. Such as:

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am moving. This will be my final month renting as I have purchased a house.

Moving details



Your Name

Want to send my blessing and wishes for the success of seminar/event?

I am going to be the chief guest of an event, so I want to send my blessing and wishes for the success of seminar/event to the organizers

Dear (Name of Organization):

Thank you so much for considering me as the chief guest for your seminar! I appreciate that you took the time to see all of my accomplishments and bestow honor by inviting me to your event. I look forward to meeting you all and learning more about your organization at the seminar in September.

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If they provided accommodations, you would thank them as well.

Political campaign text for my faculty in school?

I want to send a text to people in my faculty regarding the forth coming election, I am coming out for presidency


It is my intention to run for president, and I am excited for the possible opportunity and hope for your support.

I want to love one girl in my institute, so what can I do?

I want to love her, but she cannot understand my problem, how to understand my problem?. I have tried: I have able to explain my love to her.. I think it was caused by: If I says I love you to her may be she is angry.

Was this helpful? Yes | No | I need help

You can not make someone love you. What you can do is show her how you feel by encouraging her daily and being there for her when she is distressed. Offer to help her in a class project or help her study for a class you already took. You need to establish a connection with her and your common interest is your school so use that.

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I want to check on one of my lecturer?

Just want the kind of words, I could use. I have tried: Still thinking of how I could compose it

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