Write a Letter of Accepting Gifts

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Receiving a gift from a friend, family member or acquaintance can give you a great deal of joy, but sometimes it leaves you feeling obligated to reply with a thank-you note. While you can just send a simple thank-you note through text, email or over the phone, you shouldn't underestimate the power of a heartfelt, handwritten message. It shows your gratitude for the gift, plus it lets the person know that you're willing to take the time and effort to sit down and write a note just for them. However, many people struggle with what to actually put into the note beyond the words thank you. It's actually pretty easy to write a thoughtful and charming thank-you note by following the guide below, so quit procrastinating, grab a pen and your best stationery, and get started.

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How to Write a Thank-You Note

While it does take some time to come up with something more eloquent than the words "thank you", it doesn't have to be a difficult process. Follow these tips to impress your gift giver and let them know how much their generosity means to you.

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  1. 1
    Choose some good stationery
    You don't have to spend a lot of money on this, but decent stationery paper or basic, blank thank-you cards look better than simple notebook paper. If you don't have any on hand and you can't get to the store, be sure to keep the paper neat and unwrinkled, then fold it neatly. Practice writing the note on a piece of scrap paper, then copy it to your stationery to avoid making mistakes. If you choose a card with a pre-written note inside, you can skip most of the steps below and just include a quick personal note stating your appreciation for the gift and how you intend to use it, as well as a quick closing statement and your name.
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    Start with a greeting
    Write something simple like "Dear (person's first name or title). If you're not that close to the person, use something more formal like Dear Mr. or Mrs. (person's name).
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  3. 3
    Thank them for the gift
    If you're unsure of what tone to use, a good rule of thumb is to write in the same tone you would use if you were speaking in person. Using your own words, thank them for the gift that you received. You can say something like "Thank you for (gift)" or "I was so excited to receive (gift) in the mail". Just make sure to include the words "thank you" or some other form of gratitude or appreciation. If the gift was money, you don't have to mention the dollar amount. Just say something like "thank you for your generosity".
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  4. 4
    Explain how or why the gift is useful to you
    Go into more detail about why you're thankful for the gift. You can mention how you've already used the gift, or your future plans for doing so. You only need a sentence or two here, but feel free to elaborate as long as you're not excessively rambling. If you received money and don't feel comfortable explaining what you'll use it for, make a general statement. Just don't over-exaggerate, especially if it was a small, simple gift that could be purchased anywhere.
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  5. 5
    Make a closing statement
    Give the person a rough idea of when you'll see or talk to them again. Say something like "I'm looking forward to seeing you again at the Christmas party" or "I'll be in town in a few weeks. We should get together for lunch", or something along those lines. This helps to leave a good impression.
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  6. 6
    Reiterate your thanks
    Say something along the lines of "thanks again" or "again, I really want to thank you for your generosity" or "your gift was greatly appreciated.
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  7. 7
    Close the letter
    End the letter with a closing statement such as "Sincerely", "Love", "Yours Truly" or something fitting for your relationship. Follow it by printing or signing your name.
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Sample Thank You Note Greetings

  • I wish to thank you for the encyclopedia...
  • Your box of chocolates arrived yesterday...
  • The paint color chosen by you for my study room arrived today.

Sample Comments About the Gift

  • The notebook you gave me has great specifications that offers a much better capacity than my older Laptop.
  • I will treasure this gift for its beauty and unique artistic design, but even more as a reminder of your friendship.

Sample Letter

Dear Ms. Carter,

The arrival of your gift made my day a very pleasant one. It meant even more since this latest Dan Brown book was such a surprise. I love his books and, in fact, I have a copy of all his previous books.

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I will take great care of this book, treasure it and will always be reminded of your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Sincerely, (Your name)

Thank you notes and letters thanking others for their gifts can be difficult, but not impossible, to write. Take a deep breath, follow the examples given above and you will be surprised and pleased with your finished note.

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Questions and Answers

Thanks letter for accepting a sports gift?

Just a simple letter expressing your heart-felt gratitude to the one who gave you a present may touch his or her heart indeed. It is an indication that you love the thing you received from them.

Sample letter:

Dear Earl,

I thank you for giving me such a wonderful ping-pong table. It is really a big help for me since I broke mine. I really love it and have enjoyed every minute of using it to practice for my upcoming event at school.

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Sincerely yours,


How can I accept a perfume and a bottle of Whisky sent by a lady officer?

A lady of a company has sent the above present to my boss

That is certainly an interesting gift to receive in a professional environment, but the intentions are relatively clear. The bottle of whisky is for the male person, and the perfume is for a woman. So, if your boss is a man, the whisky is for him, and the perfume for his wife. On the other hand, if your boss is a woman, the perfume is for her, and the whisky for her husband.

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The letter of thanks should include a reference to the whisky, and how it has been appreciated and enjoyed.The gift of perfume should be mentioned as well, the note that not only did the woman absolutely love it, but that she's deeply touched by the consideration the lady showed in considering her (or him, in which case, mention the whisky).

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How to write a thank you letter?

I want to write a thank you letter to a person who is actually a CEO in his office, I received a gift (dates). Can you please help me out

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I need to write a short letter letting a company know that we can accept gifts?

How to write a short letter on accepting gifts.

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I got a gift from my friend and I have to say thanks to him?

With some good words as if you have given it with full heart

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I received a booklet about the strategy of eradication of a disease in animal from FAO. How should I respond?

I received a booklet about the strategy of eradication of a disease in animal from FAO. How should I respond?

It depends upon your viewpoint and the contents of the letter. Usually, FAO letters hold messages of slaughter. Here is one example of an answer you can send to the sender:

Dear Sirs and Mesdames:

With all due respect, I am informing you of my utmost indignation over your being inhumane and unethical in your solution to disease problems. Moreover, I consider it a personal insult to receive the letter: killing off the sick has never been a solution for living beings in a civilized society. Quarantine, extensive care, and treatment are. What if you or someone you hold dear were to fall ill with an epidemic disease: would you want to be eradicated (stamped out)? Please refrain from bulk-sending these booklets in the future without prior consent and provide us with a contemporary solution where all living beings are treated equally. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Yours faithfully,

[your name]

[your company]

Thank you for the gift received?

I don't know how to start writing in thanking our valued customer for the gift received. Please help

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I received a bottle of whisky this morning from a client?

Need to write a thank you message. I have tried: Thank you for both of whiskies, much appreciated

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