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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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Will growing your hair out cover up a receding hairline?


Yes, growing your hair out is one of the popular ways to minimize exposure of a receding hairline. Although it depends on the extent of hair loss you have at this point or if you have the required volume of hair to cover up that flaw. If your hair is full and you have receding hairline, you can definitely grow your hair out and style it loosely or forward. Never attempt to sport a combed over look as it will show your receding hairline more than mask it.

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There are different hairstyle options to go for men who have problems with baldness or receding hairline. A lot of celebrities with similar dilemma opt to just shave it all off or go for the buzz cut; among others. It depends entirely on what hairstyle suits your personality and comfort level as well as one that would highlight your best features and conceal or minimize the not-so-good points.

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What age do you notice receding hairline?


There have been some cases with the receding hairline appearing at the age of 12, but, generally, you will notice a significantly receded hairline at the age of 30 for 25% of male population. Most hairlines start to recede at the age of 19: for some people, it will not be conspicuous in the beginning. For others, the hairline recedes in their early 20s.

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I'm seeing some weak hair in the receding line, are they going to become strong or not?

Weak hair in the receding line


It depends on the type of the weakness. If the hair is brittle, then you will need everything to take the stress off the hair: change your diet, avoid exposure to the sun, avoid stresses in life, use hair moisturizers, comb your hair with bristle brushes, and wash your hair with conditioner.

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If you notice hair falling, then you might have hormonal Imbalance, stress, and other temporary external factors. You can apply burdock oil to your hair, make Ayurvedic hair oil, and apply castor oil. You may also want to see a doctor for a hormonal check.

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If you see hair thinning day by day, then the hair might be subjected to the hereditary changes. See if one of your relatives had a receding hairline at your age. You can attempt to slow down the process by using Minoxidil remedies, but you may not be able to stop it.

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At any rate, it is recommended to see a therapist or trichologist as soon as possible. The doctor may redirect you to a dermatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, and other doctors to isolate your problem.

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