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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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Why won't PPSSPP load an ISO game?

I cannot seem to load a PSP game on PPSSPP


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    First of all, check if your game is listed on the compatible list
    The list can be accessed here: Compatibility List.
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    If it is on the list, then update your PPSSPP version
    Navigate to this Web page to do so.
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    Try running PPSSPP on your PC, not any other device.
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    If it did not help, then try to recreate the ISO image from your PlayStation Portable medium
    You can see the instructions on how to create game images in the FAQ section of the PPSSPP Web site.
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    If step 3 did not help, then you will need to contact the PPSSPP developer with the message that some of the latest patches has made the game incompatible with PPSSPP.
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How to start the game after successful installation of PPSSPP?

It's difficult to start up the game, please help on how to activate manual. Yes, my difficulties are what to press on the home page.


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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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