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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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Why did my hair go grey by the age of 27?

I am a male, 35 years old. My hair was very thick but from the year 27 it started to become white and I started coloring and now it is 50% grey and looks awkward and I started to lose my hair too. What is the reason?. I have tried: I tried to color some brands but tried new shampoo because of scalps and I like my hair fresh.. I think it was caused by: I don't know exactly but I have pain on my head skin and I feel that there is no blood circulation reaching to my hair roots because of family tensions, I have had some depressions and worries.

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Excessive hair fall, receding hair?

I'm 24 years old college student. I suffer serious hair loss and receding hair, how can I cure this, and regrow hair, and does the coconut oil help to regrow the hair?


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I see my hair not growing too much on certain areas, am I going bald?

I have been noticing my hair receding just a bit on the left side of my forehead, it seems as there's no hair growing there, but I haven't felt or seen a lot of hair fall off my head at all: only about 15 hairs a day fall off my head whenever I shower. What could be the cause of this? My hair wasn't falling out at all 8 months ago.

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Hair does fall out throughout the day for every person, and shedding a little less than 100-200 (depending on the hair type) is a norm. It is easier to spot shed hair when it is long (especially, knee-length hair is noticeable). The reason for not noticing the appearing receding hairline is exactly that: the hair falls out during the day, and we do not notice it. Once it falls out, a thinner hair starts to grow out from the same follicle, which makes it harder to spot when it sheds.

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What you describe sounds like a hereditary hair loss, which is, generally, an irreversible process. To find out the proper diagnoses (we are not doctors, and only a doctor may prescribe the proper treatment for your problem) or any option to regain your hair, please consult a dermatologist, trichologist, endocrinologist, and therapist. The hardest hair to regain are exactly on the forehead area, but you might wish to try out some folk remedies while you are waiting for your appointment with a doctor, such as burdock oil, fenugreek with coconut oil, red pepper oil, and Ayurvedic oil. You can apply these remedies to your hair twice a day, vigorously massaging your scalp.

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Avoid receding hairline (for men)


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