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Use Phone Screen Sharing in Samsung SideSync

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Why my SideSync on Tab S keep scanning when I connect to PC?

SideSync on my Tab S can not find PC.


Make sure the Tab S and the PC are on the same network when scanning. For instance, the PC could be connected to one WiFi network while the Tab S is connected to Guest settings on your router. If you are connected to the same network, disable the firewall on your PC including the Windows firewall or Windows Defender if you have a separate 3rd party firewall. If these solutions do not resolve your issue then uninstall SideSync. Put the Tab S in Recovery Mode but Wipe Cache Partition and then Dalvik Cache. Install SideSync again. When using SideSync, disable any 3rd party security apps you may be using on the Tab S as well.

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SideSync connection problems with Samsung S4 and Lenovo Laptop?

SideSync 3.0 is on both the Samsung S4 and the laptop. But neither USB or WiFi will connect them. Via WiFi the devices won't "find" each other. Via USB it starts to work, the phone screen goes black and we got as far as getting typing to work, but the screen itself won't share. We've installed a lot of different drivers trying to get it to work but no luck

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Disable your Firewall on the PC. This is the likely reason that neither WiFi or USB won't work. Then check to make sure your USB debugging is on within your phone settings which could be a secondary problem. If you have installed drivers and updated every other thing then one of these is stopping or interfering with the connection.

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How to connect to my laptop?

Connected Galaxy Tab 4 to laptop through USB. SideSync 3.0 running on both, just get scanning on tablet it never connects, same thing happens when I try to do with WiFi then get scanning on both


For the tablet, did you install SideSync from Google Play or Samsung apps. They are slightly different versions so uninstall and reinstall from the opposite and see if the tablet now connects. Also, your tablet may not yet be compatible or an older Samsung tablet which also would stop it. If your tablet OS is JellyBean this would be another issue because it works for Kitkat 4.4.2 and above. Try updating your tablet to a newer OS such as Lollipop or Marshmallow if compatible or available. You can get the version of OS within Settings and then About Tablet/Device.

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Hi, I have SideSync on a Samsung GS5 mini and a 940X laptop with the latest SideSync as well and it won't work on WiFi... any ideas?

I have SideSync on a Samsung GS5 mini and a 940X laptop with the latest SideSync as well and it won't work on WiFi... any ideas

You are probably not connecting both devices to the same network or your firewall on the PC is blocking the connection. Also, update your drivers in your laptop and see if this helps with the connection.

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Use Phone Screen Sharing in Samsung SideSync
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Have SideSync installed on S5 and HP Laptop. Works on WiFi but not on USB connection?

S5 and laptop USB fail. WiFi OK.

See if other things work through the USB. You may have a corrupted USB port. Also, make sure in the S5 that your USB debugging is set properly. Especially if you lock your screen on your phone. Disable the screen lock and then try. If all else fails, troubleshoot by disabling or enabling one thing at a time and then try to connect. Make sure that your USB cable is 3.0 or higher as well.

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Just self-solved. iMac/S4 connection dropping. Perhaps for your FA?

Running Lollipop with developer options "Do not keep activities" enabled. Connection dropped within half a second. Disabled "Do not keep activities".....Sweet.

Awesome that you resolved the error on your own! Thanks for sharing your solution for pairing the iMac and S4!

Have a Mac with 10.9.5 OS. Connects well through USB but not through WiFi?

Have a Mac with 10.9.5 OS. Connects well through USB but not through WiFi

Upgrade to SideSync 4.0. Samsung improved connections to Mac OS with this latest version. Disable Do Not Keep Activities on your Mac as well which is a solution another Mac user shared. Make sure that you installed the Mac version of SideSync from the PC download section on Samsung.

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