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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

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Why my husband found another woman and cheated with 4 other girls?

My husband found another woman and he cheated with 4 other girls. What kind of a man is he.


His cheating is a habitual behavior at this point and a possible addiction of sorts. He is a serial cheater and they rarely remain faithful in a committed relationship. It is recommended that you leave him and make a new life for yourself and find someone that will appreciate you and honor you with true commitment. You can go to marriage counseling with him but it is highly doubtful that he will stop his cheating ways. Sadly he does not respect women in general. He has trampled on your marriage vows and destroyed any trust you ever had in him. He killed the relationship, move on. You never will be able to relax and let your guard down in a relationship with him. That is not the way to spend the rest of your life.

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How to know if my husband got a woman pregnant?

How to know if my husband got a woman pregnant. I have tried: I tried everything. I think it was caused by: Less sex


There is no sure way to prove paternity other than a genetic DNA paternity test performed by a lab. You can try to estimate how far along the woman is in her pregnancy and hold that against any gaps you may have had with your husband. If the woman in question or you husband has admitted to the affair then the child is most likely his.

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What do you think is going on? Do you think they are telling the truth or are they actually doing something?

My fiance's brother's wife is living with us and he told me before she wants to be with him. My fiance's parents have tried hooking him up with some of his brothers ex-girlfriends. Here recently she has told me that his parents had said that they hope he leaves me. (I've confronted them about it, but of course they said they didn't say that) There's been times where she has barged in the bedroom while he was just in his boxers and all she has to say is,"It's nothing I haven't already seen before." I'm the only one who works and I'm terrified that while I'm at work they are doing something. She's been trying to get him to become the godfather of her son. He wants to and every time I bring up how it's weird how they act together all they say is "I promise that's not how it is" or "he looks like a girl" or even "he's just like my brother". I have tried: I've tried talking to them about it, I've talked to my fiance numerous times about how I feel like they are doing something behind my back, I've talked to his friends, my friends, and even his brother about what they all say.. I think it was caused by: I'm not entirely sure. She's pretty, very very fertile (baby making wise) I personally can't have children even though it's all I ever wanted. Me working 14-20 hours a day and her being the only one here to give him company.

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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating


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