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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home

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Why does hair become white at a younger age?

How to change white back to black hair


Premature graying of the hair hits people who are in their 20's. It is common and but natural for individuals to experience graying of hair when in their mid-30's especially for white people, African-Americans usually go gray in their 40's, while Asians have it in their late 30's. Generally, most individuals will have graying hair once they reach their 50's. Whitening or graying of hair occurs when the hair follicles stop melanin production which affects hair pigmentation.

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Here are some of the common factors that cause graying of hair at an early age:

  • Smoking. In Dr. Mosley's 1996 study conducted in England, he noted a correlation between smoking and premature graying of hair as well as hair loss.
  • Heredity. If you have a lineage for premature graying of hair, then you will most probably inherit the genes which cause early cessation of melanin production.
  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency. People who have a condition called pernicious anemia have some difficulty absorbing vitamin B12 which can cause early graying of hair.
  • Hypothyroidism. One of the side-effects of this thyroid disorder is premature graying of hair due to a deficiency in the natural production of thyroid hormone in the body.

You can easily correct premature graying of hair by using a variety of hair products such as having highlights, permanent color, semi-permanent color, and airbrush hair makeup that you can easily wash off with shampoo.

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Baldness has started showing on my head, so also hair are getting white. My age is 65?

I wish to remove my baldness or at least stop it from spreading any further


Baldness and white hair are a normal part of aging and for the most part, it is a genetic process that can start anytime after puberty. According to the American Hair Loss Association, two thirds of males will have lost some hair by the age of 35 and by the age of 50, about 85 percent of males have thinner hair. This means that if you have started losing your hair after age sixty then you are luckier than most.

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Hair loss is caused by an excessive production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes hair follicles to grow smaller. However, even though you have a predisposition towards hair loss there are some things you can do to prevent balding from getting worse including minimizing your stress, staying away from lean muscle building products that contain DHEA, scalp inflammation, poor nutrition and not getting enough sleep.

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White hair is caused when hair follicles no longer produce melanin, which is the pigment that colors it. This is also determined by genetics and it can happen at age twenty. To decrease your chances of it getting whiter increase your intake of Vitamin B, quit smoking and make sure that you eat an overall nutritious diet that is full of fresh vegetables and organic proteins.

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Hi, my age is 33 & my hair is becoming thinner and white

My age is 33 & my hair is becoming thinner and white. Can the Aloe Vera be used directly just after removing it from the leaves?


The Aloe Vera directly from the leaves is the gel. This is what you want to apply to your head a few times a week for 30 minutes before you shampoo your hair. Taking it directly from the leaves is great because that is fresh.

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Hello I am 38 years old, I am getting white hair!

Treatment for changing white hair to black, food habits for that too

Treatments such as the juice of a red onion and aloe vera applied to the hair can help with slowing the process of grey hair. For food habits, you will want to consume foods high in folic acid. Spinach, kale, oranges, avocados, most legumes and seeds like pumpkin and sunflower are all high in folic acid. You can also take a folic acid supplement.

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It is not unusual to experience some grey hair at 38. Start using the onion juice and concentrate on the areas that are turning grey.

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My hair is turning and growing white, my age is 21, any solution for my problem

You are greying prematurely which is a sign that you have a hormonal issue. You could be deficient in B-12, have a thyroid issue or pituitary gland disorder. If you treat these disorders now, you can reverse your premature process. Ask your physician to assess for these disorders.

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While you are waiting for the test results, take a Vitamin B-12 supplement and eat foods low in carbohydrates and sugars. You can try juicing a red onion and mixing it with aloe vera to use as a hair mask three times a week before you wash your hair. You will want to leave the mask in your hair for at least 30 minutes.

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How to convert white hair into black hair?

Hair is white, have dandruff and also hair loss

You need to first treat and get your dandruff under control:

Because of dandruff, you should treat your grey hair with Aloe Vera gel and mix it with Castor Oil for the hair loss. Use Castor Oil to Stop Male Receding Hairline is a VisiHow article that explains Castor Oil.

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Hair loss, white hair, damaged scalp without hair?

Sir. Hair loss, white hair, damaged scalp without hair

Healthline provides 28 reasons for a damaged scalp. Go through them and determine which one is the cause and then treat your scalp. Once the scalp is healthy, you can focus on growing new hair and treating for grey hair. For now, as a natural remedy, add four drops of lavender essential oil to 1/2 tablespoon of Coconut oil and rub into the scalp before bed. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and apply sunscreen to your head if you will be outdoors for longer than 30 minutes.

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I am 46 age and hair is becoming white now, I want to know what to do to regrow back my natural black hair?

I am 46 age and hair is becoming white now, I want to know what to do to regrow back my natural black hair

Our hair begins to turn grey in our late 30's to 40's because our cells in our body begin to produce less melanin. To treat this and raise your Melanin production you will want to:

  1. 1
    Eat Foods high in Vitamin A
    Carrots, tomatoes, red peppers, papaya, and sweet potatoes are foods high in Vitamin A.
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    Take a Vitamin A supplement
    When taking this supplement you will want to consume a fatty acid like Extra Virgin Oil, Avocado Oil or Coconut Oil. This will help the vitamin be absorbed in your body.
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  3. 3
    Add more strawberries, kiwi, and oranges to your diet because these foods are high in Vitamin C
    You will also want to take a Vitamin C supplement daily.
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    Eat fish, avocados, wheat germ, and dark leafy greens as these contain Vitamin E
    You will also want to take a Vitamin E supplement.
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I am at the age of 22 years old but some of my hair went white, what is the problem?

I was 20 years when my hair went white. I have tried: I have used just henna for coloring and besides that, I used a natural stone which is white but gives black color to hair. I think it was caused by: I had the flu so I think that will be the cause

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Grey hair in your 20s is a result of low melanin production. This can be genetic but also caused by stress or poor nutrition. Anemia can also cause premature grey hair. To begin, ask you parents when they first had the signs of grey hair. Then ask your doctor to test your thyroid and blood for anemia. You can start taking a Vitamin B12 supplement to see if this helps your hair health as well. You will want to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and only wash your hair about three days a week. Towel dry and be careful of hair products like gel which can dry out your hair.

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I began to see white hair in my late 20s, how do I solve this problem?

Hello good day, my question here is, will it be possible to change premature white hair into natural black as they were before. If yes how can I do that? I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Excessive thinking

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I am 15 years old boy. My hair is whitening. Please advise me how to control it?

When I was 2 years old I was suffering from an asthmatic problem and it was continued up to 10 years. I have used many steroid injections to save my life. I also have a weight issue due to the steroid use due to my old disease.

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