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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Why does my phone says "charging paused, battery temperature too low?"

I have paid for my charger port to be fixed and now I can't charge my phone. What's really wrong?


A number of Samsung Galaxy S4 owners have experienced this issue. Your Galaxy S4 has a built-in thermistor to measure temperature. A thermistor is a resistor; unlike other resistors, a thermistor resistance fluctuates wildly with temperature. This is how it measures temperature. That temperature measurement is then sent to your phone, which makes a determination on whether it's safe to charge your battery at the current temperature. If your phone determines that it's not, your phone won't be able to charge. If the thermistor is malfunctioning, you will receive this error message, as well. You will need to get the USB charging board replaced. Call Samsung or your carrier to schedule a repair. If you are comfortable with taking apart your device, you can also buy a replacement USB charging board for your Samsung Galaxy S4 here that you can use to fix your device.

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How can I fix this problem without replacing it with a USB port?

I just want to increase the temperature of the battery. The phone can't charge and it is a major problem; the temperature is low but everything is working as expected. How do I increase its temperature?

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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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