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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Why does my Galaxy S4 take a long time to be charged?

I have a Galaxy S4. It used to take around 2 hours to be fully charged but recently it takes more than 6 hours to be charged please help me thanks a lot


There are three likely reasons for why your battery is taking longer to charge.

1) Your USB cable has become defective. This is pretty common, and thankfully easy to fix. Try out a different USB cable and see if that solves your problem. 2) The USB port you are using is defective. This is a bit trickier, but just as simple to test out. Plug your device into a different port and see if that helps you charge quicker. 3) You may have a failing battery. Even the best batteries eventually age out of usefulness. If the above two options didn't work, you might want to try a different battery and see if that works any better.

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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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