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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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Why does my fiance still have other guys she dated in her phone?

She has contacts from previous guys who were interested in her, and she calls them friends. She also has guys telling her she's hot when she thinks they are friends. Is this an issue?. I have tried: Asked her to remove them, explained a guys point of view. I think it was caused by: I have no idea, insecurity on her part

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The "ex" friends she has are absolutely all about her insecurity. She needs to hear verbally how good she looks which has nothing to do with her wanting to cheat. You can establish that you are all she needs by paying more attention than you usually do to her. Relationships can get into a rut and we can take for granted our attraction to the other person in the relationship. Establish with her that you love her soul and her looks are just a bonus. That you see and value everything about her and embrace even her faults or quirks just like she does yours. At this point, you have asked her to marry you. If she still needs to keep these other guys around, make sure that you can handle the other attention she receives from her male friends. Although she may view them as friends, you can request that either you or she speak to them about their flirting towards your fiance. Make sure that you realize that she may not ever let her admirers go. The are like the Queen in Snow White and her mirror. She needs to hear she is pretty and hot to feel attractive.

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Text and phone hardly answered. Is there a problem?

If she hardly answers my text or phone calls but tells me to relax and be patient, and that she loves me. I have tried: To call, to text, to say I love you, etc.


If this is a new relationship, she may be used to having her space and needs to adjust to being in a relationship. New behavior like this in a established relationship can be a sign that something else is going on. It may not be cheating but depression or stress at work. She has asked you to be patient, so chill and let her work through whatever she needs to because she says she loves you so she most likely is going nowhere.

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If your girlfriend tells you in a message about a compliment from another guy, do you need to comment on it?

She came back from an interview and told me that a guy complimented her and her dressing. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: She looks good


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Flirting in a language I don't understand?

My girlfriend recently added her childhood crush on WhatsApp and started talking. from the way she used to talk about him, they liked each other and have strong feelings. he's said some flirty things to her but she has bad responses. they talk all the time and I can't read any of the messages because it's in a different language. I can't translate because its colloquial hindi and english mixed together. she is going back to her country soon for a month and I'm really worried they they will be all over each other, it drives me insane. what to do because she says I'm overreacting, but the way she talks about him tells me otherwise...... I have tried: I've talked to her about him and she says I'm overreacting.. I think it was caused by: The fact that she used to like him and may still have feelings for him

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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy


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