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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You

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Why did my boyfriend change his behavior in a long-distance relationship?

We have been in a long-distance relationship for 12 months... For 10 months, our relationship was fantastic. He sent me a message every day, called me every day, and we met on Skype once a week. But one month ago, he changed his behavior. When he receives my messages, he replies within 4 or 5 hours; and he never calls me anymore. I am always calling him and sometimes with no response; usually, if he is busy, then he calls me back; but one month ago, everything changed. I do not know what has happened with our relationship. Next week, I am planning to meet him in Istanbul. What should I do when I meet him?

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The reasons that he stopped communicating at the previous rate can vary a lot: from his depletion of the discussed subjects, where he should be given time to replenish and expand his knowledge to start talking with you again, to him being depressed. You should, first of all, check the signs of his being attracted to another person and work on gathering knowledge and renewing or expanding your articulation and vocabulary if he is depleted of his discussion topics. This will help you start and uphold colloquies on different subjects from prose and poetry to science and world events. If he is not attempting to communicate with you or behaves absolutely disinterested, then his love might have faded (check for this by reading our article on detecting the signs of your partner not loving you anymore, he might have been overloaded with work, or he might be in depression, which is a medical state. Figure out which is the case and act accordingly either to help your partner or to solve the relationship problem.

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Long distance Relationship drama?

Hi, I sincerely feel I needed a little coach on how to handle a little situation about my long distance drama, We met through a mutual friend , and its been 3 months now since we known each other, initially when we started talking he came up so caring, loving and delicate at the puppy stage and communication used to be very vibrant and great. he has never asked me to be his, he just treats me like I am his already.. . He lives in Australia and I live in France so obviously the time zone has been killing the both of us but the problem I have is he treats me like I am already his but has never made it clear to me one day with utmost assurance and those "magic words" for 3 months that we have been talking. . . We both are making efforts to closing the distance but I feel a little unsecured and discouraged these past days as he just started pulling up a little ghost mode on me recently for instance only calling up before he gets home from work and disappears during the weekends.. . I tried to confront him to be certain but he always comes up with he is not seeing anyone and he does not even have the time to chase anyone because of his work timing and rigorous day to day schedules. . . Recently, I noticed he only calls me up while he's at work not while he's at home and I have some stubborn assumptions already going up in my head like what if, just what if.. I have tried: I have tried speaking to him, initiating text message first, made efforts to close the distance by applying for the necessary visa proceedings. Send a word of prayer to him every day (mornings most especially or at the beginning of a new week to encourage him) but the communication just keeps sliding off the ladder, it isn't as strong as when we started initially. And to crown it all, I do not even know if I am his yet as he has never asked me to be his girlfriend yet so I'm a little confused, he only treats me like one. I think it was caused by: I am not sure there was any problem till this moment as I speak. We never argue or quarrel, but he seems so not bothered about little gesture we make recently that used to light up our conversations initially at the puppy stage.

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Hi, how can I make my boyfriend obsessed with me in a long distance relationship?

He has gone to a new college and seems very disinterested in me these days, please help


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How can I keep my boyfriend interested in our conversations?

My boyfriend recently moved and for a month we didn't talk (because he was busy moving.) and yesterday he just came back. Today is our first day of texting only and my boyfriend seems very boring in our conversations. He doesn't seem interested, and it's scaring me. Should I confront him? Break up with him? Or give it time.

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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You

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Help to convince my boyfriend to come and visit me?

I'm in a relationship with a guy and he never visits me, it is always me traveling to go meet him at his place, we don't even go out and I want a change

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My boyfriend thinks I'm too needy?

My boyfriend and I, have been in a relationship for 2/3 months but he is already feeling as if I depend on him only but he is wrong and I am trying to justify that but how should I ?. I have tried: No contact for a week. I think it was caused by: We talk every day and he is the only person I talk too

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My long distance boyfriend is acting up! he constantly wants to know what I'm doing all the times, any help on how to tell him that its a little overwhelming?

He constantly wants to know what I am doing all the times, any help on how to tell him that it is a little overwhelming!

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I don't know if my long distance boyfriend loves me anymore?

I met this guy in Korean when he was stationed here and we had an amazing one year relation ship and we have always planned our future together but since he returned back to the states after 2 months things changed and he didn't talk to me for 4 days straight and I went insane and actually forced him to break up but than I reversed and begged my self back into his life. the problem now is when we were together he would text me all day everyday and call if I didn't answer or something but after and a little before our fight he stopped and I started panicking and now our goal is to meet on his birthday even though I don't know if I can go see him for real, and he says he has to have me with him and that lDR is very hard and he doesn't like the thought of us not being able to stay together because I'm going to the states with holiday visa. so now what should I do is my relationship over or should I still hang in there and also should I set him free from communications. It is different because I already pushed him into breaking up with me and I begged my way back so did he say okay because he loves me even though he told me so many times or is he just saying okay because he doesn't want to deal with me, and I am also wondering is he slowly making the disappearing move or is he just being out of sight out of mind type of guy? I have tried: Well since our fight 2 days later was Christmas so I wished him a merry Christmas and I wrote him a long text telling him I love him so much and I want him in my life but if he wants to be free he can because his happiness come first for him and he should be happy even with me not agreeing with it. he said he loves me too. I think it was caused by: Well first the distance and how dependent I became on him and maybe I pushed so hard with the text and I got mad at him for not texting me and accused him for having another girl and the fact I am not American and maybe I can't stay in America for a long time so we don't know how long we can be together, and maybe the fact I always imagine my life somewhere else as a coping method for me because I am scared I might not be with him and I tell him about it all the time maybe that scares him too and the fact with all our fights I tend to run to the exit all the time even though we had like only 3 or 4 big fights.

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