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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You

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Long distance Relationship drama?

Hi, I sincerely feel I needed a little coach on how to handle a little situation about my long distance drama, We met through a mutual friend, and its been 3 months now since we known each other. Initially when we started talking he came up so caring, loving and delicate at the puppy stage and communication used to be very vibrant and great. He has never asked me to be his, he just treats me like I am his already... He lives in Australia and I live in France so obviously the time zone has been killing the both of us but the problem I have is he treats me like I am already his but has never made it clear to me one day with utmost assurance and those "magic words" for 3 months that we have been talking. . . We both are making efforts to closing the distance but I feel a little unsecured and discouraged these past days as he just started pulling up a little ghost mode on me recently for instance only calling up before he gets home from work and disappears during the weekends... I tried to confront him to be certain but he always comes up with he is not seeing anyone and he does not even have the time to chase anyone because of his work timing and rigorous day to day schedules. . . Recently, I noticed he only calls me up while he's at work not while he's at home and I have some stubborn assumptions already going up in my head like what if, just what if.. I have tried: I have tried speaking to him, initiating text message first, made efforts to close the distance by applying for the necessary visa proceedings. Send a word of prayer to him every day (mornings most especially or at the beginning of a new week to encourage him) but the communication just keeps sliding off the ladder, it isn't as strong as when we started initially. And to crown it all, I do not even know if I am his yet as he has never asked me to be his girlfriend yet so I'm a little confused, he only treats me like one. I think it was caused by: I am not sure there was any problem until this moment as I speak. We never argue or quarrel, but he seems so not bothered about little gesture we make recently that used to light up our conversations initially at the puppy stage.

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Long Distance Relationships are tough with the cloud of distrust. The fact that you have no real clarification regarding your status in the relationship just makes things worse. You have applied for the Visa to visit Australia. Perhaps what you should do is surprise him at his home when you get the Visa. This would clear up doubts because if he is living with someone, they will be there. When you plan your trip, make sure that you have accommodations in place and a plan to be a "tourist" just in the event that the relationship falls apart.

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It is possible that he is overwhelmed with work and this is why you feel pushed to the side. The only way you will really know if he is seeing someone or living with someone is a surprise visit. Since you met through a mutual friend, have you asked the friend if they are aware of something that would be preventing your boyfriend from contacting you?

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One thing you could do is request a weekly Skype video date so that you can get to know each other better. Leave the times and day open to him so that he feels in control with the choice. If he really wants to explore this relationship, he will make the effort to at least Skype once a week. The last thing to consider is you are at a point when most relationships that would not succeed begin to fall apart. After 3 months, most people know definitely whether they want to continue to keep the person they are seeing in their life and possible future.

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Help to convince my boyfriend to come and visit me?

I'm in a relationship with a guy and he never visits me, it is always me traveling to go meet him at his place, we don't even go out and I want a change


Some people are homebodies. He will not change as this is just his personality. Especially if you visit him and he does not take you out. You could make a request that he put forth more of an effort but you should not force it. Perhaps maybe you should consider breaking up with him if his minuses outweigh the positives. Whenever you make a decision to stay or end the relationship, try to imagine being this way with him for the next 50 years. If it seems unbearable then you should call the relationship off.

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I need to know how to keep my long distance relationship spicy and my partner interested?

We used to communicate daily but now our communications are few. I want to encourage him to come to Jamaica but he wants me to come and see him first in England. What are some of the things I can do to capture his mind and interest?

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