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Sober yourself up

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Which is the best tablet for vomiting after drinking alcohol?

Please suggest me what is the better way to stop vomiting after talking alcohol


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How to address vomiting when you are drunk?

For example, you've got drunk, you started vomiting, and then your body keeps on doing that. How are you supposed to treat it? I have tried: I have tried drinking water after I vomit. I think it was caused by: I think that my body is ejecting the alcohol that I have drunk.

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First of all, call an ambulance if you are showing one of the following symptoms:

  • you cannot keep down liquids or foods for more than 24 hours;
  • you have a fever with abdominal pain;
  • you are dehydrated (you are fatigued or feel dizzy);
  • you have a headache or stiff neck and light hurts your eyes;
  • you see blood.
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If you have none of these symptoms, then you can drink small amounts of water and let the water "settle" each time: the water should be clear and not carbonated. Eat some light snack like a piece of bread. If you can keep the food, then eat small portions of rice, apple sauce, or bananas. Try not to drink alcohol in the future.

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Sober yourself up

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