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Know if Your Female Friend Is Falling for You

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Whether a married woman likes me or not?

I am working in an office where a married woman who is working in my department & under my supervision. Her eye contact, smiles, body language etc seems to me that she likes me and I express some sort of interest on her. After that her body language little bit changed and she physically seems reserve on me but phone me a lot of times in a day and talks a lot apart from working issues, like her family problems, little jokes etc. Now I am confused whether she likes me or not?. I have tried: I tried to express my feeling to her which was little bit sexual

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There are coquettes who like finding conversational partners. They do not need anything but the proof of their beauty and feminine qualities. To find out if she is the type, attempt to observe her manners with other men.

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She can also be an earnest woman who lacks an aspect in her marriage and finds thrill elsewhere, waiting for a compliment or two, encouragement, or invitation to an event to spend some time away from home. Her distancing herself from you might only mean that she is still unsure if she wants to take the serious step towards you or that her flirt object has changed. You can start off from afar and compliment her clothes, keep thanking her for calling you, and invite her to something neutral, such as an exhibition, a music concert, etc. You might find out her intentions or at least become her good friend.

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I don't know if my coworker likes me or not?

My expectation is meeting with her character and quality, but I couldn't predict if she really likes me or not.


Co-worker relationships are generally cordial to keep peace in the workplace environment. She could just be carrying on conversations with you out of pleasantry and work efficiency. A good way to see if she is actually interested in you is to ask her to go for coffee or a drink out of the workplace environment. If she discusses work with you outside of the workplace then she is only interested in a working relationship with you.

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How to know if my 13 year old "girl" "friend" likes me?

She stares at me directly a lot, I can see the glow in her eyes, but she doesn't try to lightheartedly tease me or hang out with me, but I know for sure she likes me.


At 13, we are not thinking about dating or relationships. She may like you as a friend and be interested in something more with you but at this age, friendship is best. When you are young, most of your relationships with the opposite gender will be a foundational friendship first before a relationship. Some people have grown their friendship into a relationship when they are older but rushing the process can mean that you lose her completely even as a friend.

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I'd like to know if my assistant professor likes me more than a friend?

We have become really close and we text and all. College is about to end. So I want to know if she likes me more than a student?

You are a student until you graduate. She is your assistant professor. Her employment agreement could have rules about dating students. Even without rules, it is highly frowned upon amongst faculty to have anything more than the standard student/professor relationship. If she seems to be crossing those lines with you, it is probably just not you that she is doing this with. Wait until you graduate. Then send her an email or call her and invite her out to meet with you now that you have graduated. If she takes an interest, then you can pursue a relationship with her. Also, if she does not respond or denies you, then you do not have to face her in awkwardness on a weekly basis until you graduate.

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