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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You

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When boyfriend doesn't easily forgive, what should I do to persuade him to love me again?


Men do not like it when they are being constantly forced to do things they are not yet ready to do. Therefore, if you keep on pushing your boyfriend to forgive you, the more his resentment towards you will grow. Give him the space he needs to reflect about the situation. Allow him to come to a resolution on his own. In the meantime, while he is taking his time off from you, keep yourself busy in making yourself better. When you boyfriend sees the positive changes in you, the more he will be motivated to forgive you and love you again. This process certainly takes a lot of time.

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How can my boyfriend forgive me and not leave me?

We quarreled awhile ago, and then he got angry with me :(


Communication skills are vital for a healthy relationship. In order to have your boyfriend's forgiveness, you may have to swallow all of your angst and apologize for the argument. This is not an easy thing to do but there needs to be an open dialogue between the both of you. Write him a letter expressing your regrets for the argument and list all the reasons that make him important in your life. Leave this letter where he will find it like on the windshield of his car before he comes out of work but do not be there. Let him read the letter and contact you.

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He doesn't easily forgive, I don't know what to say to make him calm ?

He loves me very much yet for five months now, I can't seem to find a way to calm him down when he's mad at me. No matter what was the origin of the fight, usually something silly I say or do. Once he goes ballistic I can never make it go away. Everything I say makes matters worse to the point I cannot talk to him.

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I know it is my personality, he is very focused on details and nothing I do matters when he's mad. He turns to other people to calm him down and hates me for making him do that sometimes. He assures me he doesn't want to leave but I'm tired of feeling inadequate.

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Everything I say makes matters worse he's very sensitive and I'm very non thinker speaker. Or I shut down all together and he gets really upset

Can you help? What can I do or say to make him forget/forgive fast?

He has anger issues that have nothing to do with what you say or do because even when you try to not say anything to upset him it backfires. Most likely something else is bothering him but he expresses all of his frustration in the form of picking fights with you. The fact that you can't calm him down suggests that he does not have the necessary coping skills of dealing with stress and agitation. There is nothing that you can do to fix this because he needs to do this all on your own. It is tough because you have spent 5 months with him but you need to make the determination if you want to be like this with him for the next 5 months because nothing will change unless he wants it to change. This is not fair to you. Sometimes in a relationship we can like the person but our personalities clash. A relationship like this can't have a future.

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He won't forgive me because I called my EX boyfriend? What can I do?

A violation of trust is not easy to overcome. It will take time and you will need to give him an explanation that is valid on why you contacted your ex. For him to begin to trust you again you will need to allow him to check your phone or give him all the details of your day so that he can begin to relax again. He feels like you may leave him or cheat so work on letting him know that he has relationship security with you.

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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You
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Will my boyfriend forgive me for reporting something to the police?

I reported my boyfriend illegal apartment to the police department last night because I was so upset with him and got a little drunk with my cousin. He will be evicted. I want to throw up every time I think about what I've done.

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Personally, that would be a breakup decision maker. You made one foolish phone call and now he has to find somewhere to live. It is unforgivable to many people that you have done this. You attacked his sanctuary just because you were upset with him. He may forgive you if you offer to help him in finding a new place to live and promise to not drink for a while until you can learn to control your behavior when you are drinking. It may work but be prepared if he still refuses to stay with this relationship.

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How do I get my boyfriend to realize that whatever happen, can let it be and forget about it?

There is a lady, I accept from my Facebook to be my friend. Then when he became my friend we start talking and end up mentioning his name on the conversation, that lady kept asking me too many questions, and I don't know who she is to him, then I never mentioned it to my boyfriend, but she did mention me to him every time they chat. I don't know the lady and she doesn't know me, but she brain washed my boyfriend to end my relationship with him. I tried to explain to him over and over and he believed her and not me. I love him so much and I need him back how can I bring him back to me. please do help me what to do

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Possibly he may have been that other woman using a fake profile to see what you thought or said about him. Whoever this woman is if she is real, she has contact with your boyfriend and enough of a relationship with him to suggest that he end the relationship and he did. This says that your relationship was not solid and would have not survived for much longer. He may have been looking for an excuse to leave and used this. Give him some time apart and contact him after two weeks. Explain to him that you love him and want him in your life. He may come back to you but you should be thinking about how easily this woman swayed him because that is a red flag.

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I have cheated my boyfriend many times and he forgives me every time, but this time he doesn't want to see my face and he wants to break our relationship, what shall I do to keep our relation?

I don't want to miss my boyfriend, please give me an idea

There is not much that you can do at this point. You have apologized in the past for cheating and yet have continued to make that mistake. Whatever was making you cheat was so important that you did not weigh the risk of losing him when you did that. Now he is gone and you want him back. Work on yourself and figure out the cause of your self-destructive behavior. Things will not change in your future relationships until you rectify why you are so untrustworthy in a relationship. Get Your Boyfriend Forgive and Love Again After You Cheated on Him is a VisiHow article that can assist you further in your quest to win him back.

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How to make my boyfriend to forgive me. I did not answer his calls because I was busy?

I want to know how can I make him to forgive me

Apologize for your inattentiveness during that time. Assure him that in the future you will make time for him even when you are busy so that he does not feel taken for granted or pushed aside. No one wants to feel that they are not important to their significant other and you have hurt him. During that time, he may have been questioning if you were cheating on him or physically hurt. Let him know that you will, at least, send him a quick text message if you can't speak with him right away when he calls.

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I'm staying in Cape town and my boyfriend stays in Eastern cape and we met when I was visiting my family there and we were happy chating on WhatsApp, also I said I will meet him when I visited my family there on June, but now my mother doesn't have money for me to go there and I've told my boyfriend, the problem is that we don't talk as much as we used to be on WhatsApp so what to do?

I want to chat with my boyfriend as we used to be and know that we will meet again

When you are trying to start a relationship long distance it can seem like a broken promise if you can't come to see him. Since your mother can't afford to visit your family there then perhaps you should suggest that he comes to see you. This may have been too much work to keep his interest though so be prepared if he just ghosts you and you do not hear from him again. It appears that he has begun distancing himself emotionally from you. Message him frequently even if he does not respond back.

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How can my boyfriend chat with me like old conversation again because now he doesn't seem like to replay my chat faster or like wise again?

I told my friend and it was a guy, I already treat that guy like my brother and worst thing is I just know that my boyfriend hate that guy who I call as my bro. He is mad at me because I told that guy how our relationship start and told him about my changing personality to that guy. I just want a consider from that guy and suddenly that guy tells my boyfriend about what we talk about and my boyfriend is very angry at me and until now he treat me like nothing.. I have tried: I already asked him for apologies, already told the truth by talking to each other but it seems my boyfriend doesn't accept It.. I think it was caused by: Because I chatting with that guy who he hates the most. I just know he hates that guy, I call as brother and now I already lost contact with that guy and deleted his contact and blocked him in social media.

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He did not like your male friend. Guys see male friends as threats to their relationship and your discussions with your friend confirmed to him that you have crossed boundaries. You have apologized and blocked your friend from contacting you so the only thing you can do now is allow your boyfriend time to process what happened.

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How do I convince my best friend that he does come first?

I met my best friend about a year ago. He and I grew closer about 6 months ago, unfortunately he is married, 2 months ago he got mad over a misunderstanding, and he hasn't gotten over it yet, he still thinks I put other people before him. I have been basically begging him to talk to me so we can work it out. Now he says he will give me 10 min and not a second longer and said it will not change anything. He said I hurt him bad. He will only text me. We are both sick of this. I don't know what else to say to him

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My boyfriend wanted us to have a silly conversation but I didn't like it in the way so now he seem like he is mad at me please help?

Action but I didn't like it in the way so now he seem like he is mad at me please help

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I got drunk and said something really hurtful to my boyfriend, which I don't even remember saying. He says he can't get past it and can't see me anymore. How do I get him to forgive me?

We were out with his friends and I got way too drunk and apparently I told him that his "cons outweigh his pros" and that I "hate his friends" among other things. I don't remember any of this. The night ended well and he didn't tell me he had a problem with it until several days later when he said it had been weighing on his mind and we talked about it and he said he had some thinking to do and told me today he could not get past it and did not want to see me anymore.. I have tried: I tried to explain I did not mean what I said and that I would prove with time that it would not happen again.. I think it was caused by: Me being drunk and his friend said something that upset me that set me off.

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Boyfriend is very stubborn and won't forgive and says its over. I love him and I can't imagine not being with him, please help?

I have a guy friend whom my boyfriend hates because of some lewd comments he made to me once or twice. I tried to take it lightly but my boyfriend wouldn't so he made me block him. it so happened that once or twice when we fought I'd unblock that guy friend and talk to him, making sure my boyfriend knew about that (I wanted to make my boyfriend jealous). it so happened that we fought right before valentine's day and I was so angry with my boy friend because he said he needed " a break". right before valentine's day?! we had plans and it hurt. so I went out with that guy friend of mine, I asked my boyfriend if he is okay with that before going. he said yes. (I thought he really didn't care anymore to even stop me. it made me more angry) so I went out with him and I posted a picture of me and that guy friend (he had his hands on my shoulder, it didn't really mean anything. I mostly talked about my boyfriend the entire time I was with him. I needed some guy perspective). my boyfriend says he cannot forgive me, especially since I unblocked him in the past when we fought. I tried apologizing, crying, said I'd die without him, everything. When I cried, he said he needed some time to get okay.I said fine. but time seems to be making it worse. a couple of days later he said "I understand every time, every time you do something wrong,and you come crying, don't expect things to become alright". we have together for two years. he says he can't do the relationship thingy anymore. he hasn't shut me out completely as yet. he says he doesn't want to. he replies to me whenever I text him but he doesn't text me first nowadays. he says he doesn't feel like talking to anyone much. he is very sensitive and remembers each and everything in detail..all the bad stuff I ever did it said. all the good things seems to just vanish. I would give him time but he is getting angrier and more distant everyday it seems. what should I do? I really love him. it hurts to see him so hurt and it hurts that he won't let me fill the void I created. I would never repeat this kind of mistake ever. I told him that. still he is so..stubborn. he says he hates relationships. 2 years is not a exactly a new relationship. there was so much love and care. we were even thinking of a possible future together. it hurts so much that this stupid mistake would make him want to throw it all away. I have tried: I tried apologizing profusely, a close friend of mine talked to him. I think it was caused by: He left his hometown to attend college at my town so that he could be with me. he stays in a rented place whenever he is in town but since his college doesn't focus much on attendance, he lives in his home mostly. he visits only occasionally. so he brings all these things up ..and says "I compromise all the time, you never have to". I feel he somehow resents what he did for this relationship, especially when we fight. maybe he feels he is letting his parents down by being occupied with this relationship too much. he feels this is taking up too much of his time..he needs to focus on his career. and he is angry at me but he directly cannot express his anger. he is an introvert and he has just retreated into his shell.

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I am ready to compromise and show him that I really care. I just don't know how.
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